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Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.  

PnP 32 and PnP 33   Another deck's done; the shop. It will be cool to have picture on the weapon's card. Remain: Forest: 3/7 and Mountain 0/7 (33/44)   Thinking about the col

Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines.  And I"ve

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13 minutes ago, Zenithsplendor said:

Oh, I thought those figures laying down right in front of the castle where good people that had been killed. So, happy ending. even better.

First playtest, only 2 bad guys to win, but everytime, the first one who has tried, always win, so with 6 in a row, it's a little bit harder. :) 

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Working on the cave/dungeon cards. :) 

54 cards to do, making path with cards from the Waterworks game, should have different cards, after I will put the items on the way, probably use a D4 to move the character. :) 


The small book will be related with the spell coins. :) 

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