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Not your usual minis...

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Not the usual minis that would grace the Dog Might forums, but they're miniatures so I figured they count! My best friend sent me sculpey clay and tools, and we made miniature cakes and desserts for my birthday :)! It was SO FUN!! The chocolate layered cake took forever, though. It alone took about 4 hours. 


The best part was cutting the "cake". It was a very high anxiety moment! We weren't sure if they were going to be ruined when we did!


Mini popsicles :) I used toothpicks for the popsicle sticks! 


Tiny teapot. I want to make a whole tea set! Because, of course I need a tea set to go with my cake!


Tiny fruit cake! This whole thing was a lot of fun to do. You can't really see it because it's covered up, but I made the white clay look like whipped cream. And I'm very proud of the cream filled strawberries as well! I think I should have textured the brown cake bit like I did on the chocolate yellow cake, but oh well. 

:) I'll keep you all updated on my tiny tea set! 

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