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Guess the Games

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I am participating in Secret Santa on BGG for the first time this year.  My Santa sent me a series of hints about the gifts I would receive. Here are the hints. Can you guess them?

PS: My games have already arrived, and my sister and I have been having a blast playing them. We figured out three out of five correctly.

Hint #1
Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of year

FedEx in the air
Boardgames everywhere
Euros by the fireside
And joyful memories there

Hint #2
Oh ???? 
Oh ???? 

How lovely are your branches!

Hint #3
The Turkey is a funny bird
It’s head goes bobble-bobble
And all he knows is one word
And that is Gobble-Gobble

The Turkey is a shy bird
Thanksgiving makes him better
If he wants to seal you
He writes a letter

Hint #4
To bee or not to bee
That is the question

I know one thing
You will bee happy
On Saturday.

Hint #5
Life is a battle
Con the enemy with a rattle
If you can figure out her cards
Winning won’t be too hard. 

I’ve sent you 5 clues
Each holds an answer for you
Something for you and your sister
I feel like such a trickster

Wait til Christmas or open right away
I hope it will make your day
If you wait a little while
These clues should give you quite a smile
Figure them all and you’re a genius
Figure them none And you’ll still enjoy Christmas 
You have Jesus so I know you don’t need presents
But it’s still fun to give them! So have fun!


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