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Pictures of DMG products at home.

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They have arrived!

Got my first Dog Might purchase in this week, a gorgeous bubinga and wenge sentinel!  It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be, plus it fits 100% perfectly in the Kingdom Death: Monster box.  Th

Guys....I have to say....Dog Might Games are truly the best.  I mean, their products are one thing, but the PEOPLE that work there are what really set them apart to me.  I think these are some of the

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22 hours ago, Lindsey said:

@tgpumpkin I don't know anything about this game but I see how it's blowing up on KS and I remember their epic booth at GenCon. What's so cool about this game?

@Lindsey if you like rolling dice and rpgs it’s really a great game!  It’s a coop adventure.  The components are amazing.  They have a fleshed out world and it has a strong theme.  While there is dice chucking which creates elements of luck you can mitigate those rolls with changes in strategy.  Misses on dice actually build up on your character and can be used as a powerful ability later in a match or game.  The game plays over several days (game days) and with all the encounter cards you get the adventure constantly changes game to game with choices each day that impacts your loadout.  The gearlocs (characters) are different and each has a very different strategy or skill tree.  Gameplay is straightforward but gearlocs have a learning curve.

Overall it’s a great game.  Next time DMG and tg come together at a con I’ll bring it with me if you want to try it.  You can also late pledge it.  

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