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Through the eyes of an apprentice Viking Lumberjack

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I will be posting pictures of things I find interesting in my day to day activities at Dog Might. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy seeing the fun things that go on from my perspective :)


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Sawdust want's  me to share my lunch

I saw this screen today..not sure who did it but I dig it.

A stain i did Friday. Ended up looking similar to (but not as cool as) Jeremy's  orc screen.

Posted Images

Great images @Josh.

So some questions for you as an apprentice, since we've gotten ideas/answers from some of the others on the forum?

What's your favorite wood from an aesthetic point of view?

What's your favorite wood to work with (if it's different from above)?

What's your favorite (and least favorite) DMG product to work on?


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@Thomas Browne I don't think i could pick just one wood for aesthetics. Everytime i think i have a favorite an exceptional piece of something else catches my eye. There is so much variety within the different types its just too hard to choose.

As far as favorite wood to work with....i would have to choose walnut since it is a bit easier for me to sand. 

My favorite products are usually things with sculpts or engraving (dragon sheaths, screens and sentinels). For least favorites it would be hard to choose since i love everything we make so much ;) but cocos are definitely tedious. 

What is your favorite wood?

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Oh, how cool, pictures of the dragon fire dice chest in progress!  I loved that one and the neonpunk one with their really well-done smooth color transitions.  Lots of fantastic pics in here, thanks for sharing!

My favorite woods are bolivian rosewood and bubinga, but @Josh, if you don't have a favorite wood for aesthetics, what's the coolest stain you've ever done for aesthetics, and what's your favorite stain to do from a woodworking perspective?

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@Aurah Christian I really  like Bubinga. I used a beautiful piece of it on the front of my guitar amp housing.

My favorite stain I've  done is the dragon fire dice chest. I really haven't  had much time staining at Dog Might so I still don't  have the processes  down for the signature stains. I really do like Ebony on ash though. I was a big fan of the neon punk dice chest , but I don't  know who did that one. Jeremy did an orc screen not long ago that I really enjoyed. 

@WxCougar I love the busier more chaotic pieces of wood as well.

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