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Dog Might maker day is an opportunity for us Viking Lumberjacks and apprentice Viking Lumberjacks to spend time outside of work hours to further our skills and knowledge. We have so much fun at Dog Might that we come in to hang out in our off time. I will be updating with pictures from future maker  days.

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23 hours ago, Josh said:

Today at Dog might maker day I worked on my guitar amp housing and practiced wood staining 

I want to see the amp when it's all done.

I don't consider myself a guitar player, but have been known to bang on them over the years.  3 tone sunburst is also my favorite. :)


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On 6/8/2019 at 7:41 PM, Josh said:

We may or may not have also used a laser to cut a pizza today


I am so proud of our woodworkers. They do an amazing job day in and day out. Also glad to see they are continuing some of our traditions. (pic below from the first week we got our first laser).


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39 minutes ago, Josh said:

Zoxe i will be sure to post a picture when the amp is done. Ill probably be making a matching speaker cab as well. What kind of music do you like to play?

I came of age in the early 90s, so music of the day is firmly in the grunge/alternative era. Foo Fighters, Nirvana, TOOL, and Stone Temple Pilots. I always wanted to learn some Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, but a lot of their stuff is in weird tunings and I'm too lazy to change. 😉

I still have the guitars on display, but haven't played seriously in 10 years. Jackson strat clone, ESP Viper, Gibson SG, Epiphone Les Paul, and a Chinese knockoff SG. In my closet is my grandfather's early 50s Gibson acoustic. He played in a bluegrass band when my mom was little. Played guitar and fiddle until he passed. The last time I saw him alive he had that guitar in hand with a crowd around him. It passed to mom and she gave it to me.

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@Zoxe i definitely envy your guitar collection. I'll have to acquire an sg someday. We seem to have the same musical influences. I'll have to put up a video of the amp in use once it is finished (maybe performing some music by the artist you mentioned).

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