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6 hours ago, Ian Coyle said:

Ok, so here are mine. From left to right my guesses are bubinga, rosewood, redheart, walnut, padouk. How’d i do Zoe?



That’s a nice set! This may be the beer goggles influencing my judgement, but I’m guessing Bubinga, Chechen, Padauk, Black Walnut, and Flame Birch with Crimson stain.

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@LuckyIke Yessss!!! I am delighted to hear this. I am a staunch Bubinga supporter. It is under-appreciated. It's so swirly! And it can be kind of holographic too, because of how the wood grows. This is more noticeable in the Adventure Cases and Dice Chests. One day, I'll get myself something in Bubinga, with a Howling Wolf sculpt...

@Ian Coyle You got 3 out of 5! Bubinga, Rosewood, Padauk (more orange and less deep than Redheart, more open grain), Black Walnut, and.. surprise! That's Flame Birch stained Crimson! @Serge Darveau got them all right, I think, and good catch on the Crimson, too, @LuckyIke. Chechen is.. hm... less smooth looking? Less soft looking? It looks less like melted chocolate that's ready to have a strawberry dipped in it and more like colorful striped stuff. There's more contrast throughout the grain for Chechen.

I'm excited for @Barb Bliss to get her bundle and have some Rosewood in hand.

And you guys have read my lumber page, right?! I even threw in Viking facts! There's a good photo of Chechen on there, too.

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