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Cool Kickstarter Minis

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14 minutes ago, Zoxe said:

I have a contest entry this year that is going to be in the same category.   Last year Dark Sword Minis gave away the Tiger Lilly Pug Mage in the swag bag and issued a challenge for everyone to bring it back painted the next year.  Sounds great, except the mini is about 1/2 scale of what I'm used to painting.


The dog bone clasp is classic.

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@RomyCat, I grabbed this from an update to that cat mini project (Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs).   And her backstory. The room was full of books, spilling out of

My wife went back to school this year so we are living of my income and what funding she gets so our budget is build pretty thin right now. Hopefully once she's done in the spring and finds a job thin

More Trudvang minis!  The expression on the pig is awesome.  His name is Sheik, by the way.          

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3 minutes ago, RomyCat said:

I did back the Cat minis. Too cute to pass up. My sister wished I had gotten the dog ones a while back.  I told her that you will be able to order them from their story once they get more in.

I bet they will be available via the pledge manager for the cat project.

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9 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

More cat art @RomyCat.  Gold fish of harmony.  LOL


I just read that post on Kickstarter. Awesome artwork. Can't wait to paint those minis. I've been painting a lot lately. Hopefully will have pictures up in the next few days of some of my pieces. 

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5 minutes ago, GhostChopper said:

I’m done with mass CMON minis, I have way too many of them lying around. I do wish I could pick up a select few of their new ones, it’s a shame she’s KS exclusive. 

This is my last cmon.  Viking inspired.  Press your luck.  Fun minis to paint.  Checks the boxes.

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