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At long last, I've finally put some paint on the Dropfleet Army.  I have an event at GenCon and an entire fleet to paint!  Over the holiday, I managed to get about half the fleet primed and did enough

Here's some work in progress. Engines are all painted and as of a few minutes ago have been shaded/washed.  Next step is to dry brush all the hulls and start picking out some details like the missile

Last dropfleet, at least for a little while. This is the "princess liner."  Apparently you protect her as an npc in some of the scenarios. A very quick paint job, almost all airbrush work, tackle

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14 hours ago, marsniper_27 said:

You see the new releases from ukge

Yes! There's a small discord community that I stumbled into after Adepticon, so have been closely following the teasers as they built up to Salute and UKGE. I have some of the new stuff preordered, should start it's trek from the UK around 6/14.

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On 6/8/2019 at 9:49 PM, marsniper_27 said:

You see the new releases from ukge

Shipping notice from the UK!  My stuff is scheduled for a Monday delivery.  I'm actually a little skeptical that it will get here that fast, but we'll see!



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Work in progress shots from yesterday. 

The UCM dreadnaughts are pretty close, just need to paint and shade the engines and apply weathering. Call it an hour's work to go, not counting drying time.

The blue ships are the convention exclusives I had shipped from the UK. Not as fancy of a paint scheme, am playing with some ideas to speed up a couple of pending projects. I wanted something a little more subtle for them, in game play they need to be sneaky.  I have maybe an hour in them. I just inked the engines and the yellow stripe after taking this picture, will apply some weathering and engine glows and be done. Maybe half an hour to go.




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