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New Stuff Coming Out of the Wood Shop

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Guess what today is?!?!??! Well, actually it was yesterday. It is the 5 year anniversary of Dog Might! Amazing!


@Konas @Zoe I have an idea for a new board meeting gaming table for you guys (as seen on board game revolution Facebook page). Then again perhaps you already have it.....

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Just now, Barb Bliss said:

If it make you go all tingly, I'll give it up for you.

I appreciate the offer.. but no.

If it had 'made me go all tingly' - I wouldn't have hesitated.. and would have posted here AFTER buying it :D

As I said - it was tempting though.  Can't blame you for pulling the trigger.

Sigh - I'm going to get a reputation for @tgpumpkin-ing at this rate :D


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Just now, Zoe said:

I posted that Chechen with the Yggdrasil engraving, saw the interiors, thought of @Barb Bliss, listed a couple more things... Bam, email notification of a purchase! Hehehe.

Zoe, send out some rubber feet with Barb's box please. TY, Mrs. Fisher.....

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