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Dog Might News 6/6/2018

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The sun is shinning, students are off, and summer is in full swing here at Dog Might HQ! We've got some really exciting news to share this week so put that axe down, place a tiny umbrella in your mead, and kick back as we fill you in on what we've been up to. 


Origins Game Fair 2018 is Next Week! 

On Wednesday the Dog Might crew will be loading up our longships and heading out to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio! We've got tons of amazing products, the coolest people, and we even spiffed up the booth for this year. If you are attending please stop by and say hi at booth 132.



New Galaxy Color Releasing Today! 

Our Viking artisans have been hard at work developing new stains and colors for your gear and today one of their creations will be unleashed upon the world! Check out our new Galaxy stain and make sure to grab some of the awesome new in-stock that will be added to the webstore later today. 



A New Team Has Entered the Battlefield! 

We are excited to announce that we have a secret. It's the kind of secret that will explode minds and drinking horns alike. The kind of secret that will shake the foundations of gaming itself. This secret involves a team up, a special secret team up that will soon be unveiled to the world. We will leave a not so subtle clue below. 




Sawdust has been diligently searching for the secret since we posted this. 




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26 minutes ago, Lindsey said:

I give it a week tops until he chews it to pieces. 

So "Giving it to Sawdust" is not going to show up as a suggestion in the "How to take care of my DMG gear" thread any time soon?

Edited by Thomas Browne
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5 minutes ago, Thomas Browne said:

So "Giving it to Sawdust" is not going to show up as a suggestion in the "Hot to take care of my DMG gear" thread any time soon?

Probably on the "Care and feeding of DMG Gear: What Not to Do" list.

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