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Dog Might News May 16

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The saws in the shop have been buzzing and this week Dog Might has tons of exciting news to share!

Introducing Dog Might Tables

Dog Might Games has finally gone and done something we've sworn never to do....make nerdy tables! We're rolling out a series of new coffee tables built by nerds for nerds! Theses tables will all be one of a kind and feature live edge slabs of wood that are caringly inlayed with things like dragons and runic symbols. We are going with a minimalist design to make them more accessible and show off the beauty of natural wood. Stay tuned to learn more and drool over these prototype pics! 


Countdown Files to Print

Countdown is out of our hands and at the printers! Soon we should have digital proofs and it won't be long until the games are on the boat and headed our way!


Alan Patrick is Visiting Dog Might HQ

Alan Patrick is the Community Manager for the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League and he's headed for Valhalla...or at least the closest thing to it! This weekend Alan will be at Dog Might HQ to run a special Viking Session of Dungeons and Dragons and we've never been so excited to work a weekend. Lots of mead will be consumed and many pictures will be taken as we give Alan the DM challenge of a lifetime!  




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