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  1. 10 hours ago, Zoxe said:

    Reapercon is done! There were 996 entries this year, largest to date. Scoring is a little different - you are judged against set criteria and rated across 4 possible scores (none, certificate of merit, bronze, silver, gold). In theory, if all entries earned a gold rating there would be 996 golds given. The criteria are harsh, and the event draws the best of the best with a high concentration of pro painters, streamers, and no kidding masters. 

    From there, you can acrually place in specific categories (i.e. best of show), and some mini mfrs give their own first, second, third rankings. 

    The Freeblades Polar Bear earned a bronze rating overall. I was shooting for bronze, hoping for silver, so I'm solidly happy with this. As my first reapercon entry, part of this was about getting stuff entered since I didn't start the piece until after gencon.  More exciting: I also earned a 3rd place for the DGS Games manufacturer award, which got me a podium walk in front of 1000 people in the ballroom, and a large cast "challenge coin" medal. There weren't very many DGS entries, but looking at my competition I'm proud to place.

    Mrs. Zoxe also earned a bronze for her entries, which is impressive to me because she basically cranked it out over 3 days before we left. 😉

    We started our drive home tonight (Sunday) and will spend most of Labor Day in the car.

    Um, omfg?! Congrats!!!!!!

  2. 11 hours ago, Zoxe said:

    I'm proud to say that the color shift scorpion won first place for Best Monster in the Shadows of Brimstone painting competition at Gencon.  I was greatly humbled by the response to the figure.  Picture below is in the case at the show floor, followed by a couple of glamour shots in my light box.

    I painted a pair of them, but the category is for best single figure, so I picked the one I liked better for the entry (the one with the ram horn skull).

    Middle of the weekend, I was at the booth buying stuff, and noticed a guy with the scorpion kit box in his hand. He brought his wife to the case, pointed at the box, then my figure, and back again and gestured excitedly. She smiled and nodded, he pulled out a phone and took several pictures of my figure. That one exchange was better than winning anything. 




    My other entry was greatly enjoyed by the people I talked with, but rightfully didn't place. There were some wonderful entries in the diorama category. I painted up two sets of bad guys in the Ghostbusters vs. Slimer theme. The backdrop was out of a hot wheels set that I repainted. 


    The little Ghostbusters shoulder patches were free hand, my first real attempt at something like that. Had a ton of fun, will put the Ghostbusters on the gaming table proudly.

    Omg I'm gonna tear up about that little exchange you saw of the wife & husband!!!

  3. On 8/3/2019 at 1:39 PM, WxCougar said:

    Lab dice are pretty fun. Didn't expect to get more dice but they are so cool (3 are mine, 2 are my husband's).


    Drooling & jealous of those nocturnal dice!

  4. 1 minute ago, tgpumpkin said:

    I actually have eyed this game and it’s on my list to want to play.  I think it came out just a couple years ago.  I’m glad it’s got you excited :) 

    Please get it!!!! It's so good and it's SO CUTE. I'm obsessed with the components. Lots of little cuties!!!

    It seems like it would be more complex, too, but it ended up being more straight forward than I expected. Maybe because each clan can specialize on its own thing, so you aren't too overwhelmed.

    There's also a bit of a stock market angle in a couple ways, which is super cool. Don't see that often and I loved it.

    Playing it just the two of us, though, I think we could see how playing it with 3-4 could make it almost a different game. I'm excited to play it with some others at some point and see what it's like.

  5. Oohohoh! I don't know if this counts as a new game, BUT.

    Yesterday was my fiance's 30th birthday and one of his gifts was Clans of Caledonia! So we immediately broke that out and did a game just the two of us. After just one play, this might be my new favorite euro.

    For each round, you go back and forth for every player until EVERYONE eventually passes. So you have endless actions/turns within a round, even if everyone else has passed. You can keep going until you pass, then things will continue. Usually you get to a point where you can't take any more actions because you're out of money, but I like being able to exhaust all of my options and build things up to the max before moving on. I get real sad with a lot of other euros because I don't get to quite do everything I wanted to do!

    Then at the end of the game scoring, my real jam here is that you aren't forced/rewarded for diversifying. You can specialize and do just as well. None of the extra bonus points are about having variety (cough cough Agricola). I really like being The Sheep Guy or whatever. In this game, I got the clan that specializes in aging whiskey, so that was awesome. And on that, you aren't just collecting sheep or cows... They produce wool or milk, and then you can make the milk into cheese, etc. You aren't just collecting grain, you're turning it into bread or whiskey, etc. I love that way more than just "haha I had 4 sheep and 4 cows and you only had 7 cows and 0 sheep so I get more points". Yanno???

    Highly recommend if you guys don't already have it, lol. I don't know how old it is - I know it's in BGG's top 100 at the moment and has been.

  6. On 7/19/2019 at 7:35 PM, Zoxe said:





    That's all for now. 

    (PS:  Gencon is less than 2 weeks away!)

    I clarified with @Konas this weekend that you're going to GenCon (because of the Kingdom Death booth) and now I feel silly for have ever asking.

  7. 13 hours ago, Aurah Christian said:

    So many great pics here!  I love the contrasts on that kingwood token shield.


    I just came back from Origins with a lovely little pile of 4 card stands from DMG's $5 shelf!  I'm looking forward to using them when I get my Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy game going.

    The bolivian rosewood on the bottom is one I ordered a few months back, and the new bubinga one matches it perfectly, but the others are all slightly different shapes and sizes.  It's pretty cool - I guess card stands are a good teaching tool for apprentices and/or good for experiments.

    Also - what wood is the big one on top?  It's super dark red, with a couple thick black stripes running through it.  Could it be an unusually dark and stripe-y piece of padauk?




    That back & grain makes me think padauk! May be an older piece that has seen some sun, which is why it's less bright orange and more burnt/dark orange.

  8. 15 hours ago, Josh said:

    @Aurah Christian I really  like Bubinga. I used a beautiful piece of it on the front of my guitar amp housing.

    My favorite stain I've  done is the dragon fire dice chest. I really haven't  had much time staining at Dog Might so I still don't  have the processes  down for the signature stains. I really do like Ebony on ash though. I was a big fan of the neon punk dice chest , but I don't  know who did that one. Jeremy did an orc screen not long ago that I really enjoyed. 

    @WxCougar I love the busier more chaotic pieces of wood as well.

    Bubingaaaaa!!!!! We haven't been getting as many astounding pieces of Bubinga as we used to, which breaks my heart. It can be such an absolutely stunning wood with its chatoyancy and warmth.

    I think the neonpunk DC was Dani? @Zoxe grabbed that for his wife, I believe. Super gorgeous.


    I'm also a huge fan of that screen Jeremy did. Is this kind of like the solar stain you guys were talking about for guitars?


  9. 7 hours ago, WxCougar said:

    So this weekend we drove out into the foothills looking for cool pictures I can sell.

    I saw this really cool shot of the riverbend (picture #1), so we stopped the car and walked back to the spot. I was getting the camera ready as I walked and accidentally hit the button, taking a picture of who knew what. I figured I would delete it later. 

    I got home and uploaded the pictures, forgetting about the oopsie. Turns out that "oopsie" was a cool shot of the hills with a few fair weather cumulus in a blue sky. Also turned out to be straight by some sheer luck. Picture #2 is my accidental picture.



    This is absolutely gorgeous, oh man. I wanna say I want it framed but I'd like to just live there.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    You'd think the teacher would have had a clue that there might be a problem when a good student writes out nonsense.  I give that teacher an F.

    Haha, yeah! Probably wouldn't happen now. Then again, awareness of the seriousness of concussions is much higher now, too. I know there was some rising debate as a result of some research as to whether or not we should as a species keep playing football, lol... or at least that we should re-consider letting really young kids play, or what have you.

  11. On 6/8/2019 at 11:05 AM, RomyCat said:

    I twice got concussions and didn't realize it until many days later. Both times I had no memory of when the injury happened, but after looking at the clues, I am very certain one happened at night when I was sleepy got up and the 2nd time I may have hit my head on the back of my keyboard tray at my desk. I now keep bottles of water by my bed at night to cut down on sleep walking. 

    The first time it happened, I noticed I was strangely feeling dizzy at work for several days. I developed a terrible headache /neckache. I searched online for possible causes. Saw concussion come up in the Google search and I promptly dismissed it.  If I had been physical injured surely I would know it. Neck and head pain become worst. Should I go to the doctor? Back to the internet I went while at work. I finally read about concussions. Saw that it is actually normal to not have a memory of the impact. I finally put the clues together. I had lately noticed I had a chipped tooth. Didn't know why. It just suddenly showed up. And my cheek had been cut from the inside. When I put all the dates together, and read that the head pain may not start until several days after the impact, I finally understood what happened. I searched my goggle memories of being half asleep and heading to the bathroom. 

    My best guest of what happened based on the clues was that I was walking towards the bathroom. Maybe tripped over a cat or was just clumsy and lost my balance. My head hit a table, chipping a tooth and the tooth cutting into my cheek. I don't remember hitting a table, but I have the faintest of memories of my hand roughly grabbing a table and my finger hurting (at least I think its a real memory. I'm not 100% sure).  It's totally weird to be injured and not remember how it happened. I felt like a detective trying to investigate clues to put the whole picture together. 

    Once I finally figured out I was dealing with an concussion, I was able to relax, at least mentally. I didn't go to the doctor, but spent a lot of time in bed the next few days relaxing (and watching TV). And I keep a water bottle by my bed.


    Oh man!!! This is wild and I totally relate, hahaha. But whoo boy, I don't think I've ever had a concussion. My mom told me there was one time where I was sleep walking down into the basement. This was back in NY when we lived in an old game warden's house. The stairs were solid concrete and so was the basement floor. She saw me wobbling down and was terrified I was going to tumble down. Just lucky my mom liked to use the basement as her smoking & wine drinking spot as she wound down for bed!

    Hope that doesn't happen to you again, not just because of the stress, but concussions are not something to mess with!

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