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  1. I think yesterday was the first time I saw/noticed that particular shirt. I like that one a lot. That cat is stupid cute with the bandanna on his head.
  2. Oh my gosh, I love this. @Lindsey we need this on our insta!!!
  3. Almost every day he has a cool cat shirt on. It's amazing.
  4. Omg I'm gonna tear up about that little exchange you saw of the wife & husband!!!
  5. Drooling & jealous of those nocturnal dice!
  6. Omg, I LOVE this! What a great way to display your dice!!!
  7. Please get it!!!! It's so good and it's SO CUTE. I'm obsessed with the components. Lots of little cuties!!! It seems like it would be more complex, too, but it ended up being more straight forward than I expected. Maybe because each clan can specialize on its own thing, so you aren't too overwhelmed. There's also a bit of a stock market angle in a couple ways, which is super cool. Don't see that often and I loved it. Playing it just the two of us, though, I think we could see how playing it with 3-4 could make it almost a different game. I'm excited to play it with some others a
  8. Oohohoh! I don't know if this counts as a new game, BUT. Yesterday was my fiance's 30th birthday and one of his gifts was Clans of Caledonia! So we immediately broke that out and did a game just the two of us. After just one play, this might be my new favorite euro. For each round, you go back and forth for every player until EVERYONE eventually passes. So you have endless actions/turns within a round, even if everyone else has passed. You can keep going until you pass, then things will continue. Usually you get to a point where you can't take any more actions because you're out of m
  9. Since dice are basically jewelry, like many of our products, it can also be a great jewelry box!!
  10. I clarified with @Konas this weekend that you're going to GenCon (because of the Kingdom Death booth) and now I feel silly for have ever asking.
  11. Some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS DELICIOUSSSSS woods coming through today for Valhalla Screens 😍
  12. Wow, @RomyCat!!! I love that portal, but that dragon is fantastic!
  13. That back & grain makes me think padauk! May be an older piece that has seen some sun, which is why it's less bright orange and more burnt/dark orange.
  14. Bubingaaaaa!!!!! We haven't been getting as many astounding pieces of Bubinga as we used to, which breaks my heart. It can be such an absolutely stunning wood with its chatoyancy and warmth. I think the neonpunk DC was Dani? @Zoxe grabbed that for his wife, I believe. Super gorgeous. I'm also a huge fan of that screen Jeremy did. Is this kind of like the solar stain you guys were talking about for guitars?
  15. This is absolutely gorgeous, oh man. I wanna say I want it framed but I'd like to just live there.
  16. Ohmygosh, Josh, this is entirely too delightful. You need your own instagram.
  17. I always tell them to go to Jet's instead but they don't wanna..
  18. Haha, yeah! Probably wouldn't happen now. Then again, awareness of the seriousness of concussions is much higher now, too. I know there was some rising debate as a result of some research as to whether or not we should as a species keep playing football, lol... or at least that we should re-consider letting really young kids play, or what have you.
  19. Oh man!!! This is wild and I totally relate, hahaha. But whoo boy, I don't think I've ever had a concussion. My mom told me there was one time where I was sleep walking down into the basement. This was back in NY when we lived in an old game warden's house. The stairs were solid concrete and so was the basement floor. She saw me wobbling down and was terrified I was going to tumble down. Just lucky my mom liked to use the basement as her smoking & wine drinking spot as she wound down for bed! Hope that doesn't happen to you again, not just because of the stress, but concussions are no
  20. Oh!!! Hooray!!! That's a relief.
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