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  1. A favour: Does anyone have any examples of DMG products with a natural finish, as opposed to...a non-natural finish ("high sheen"? "Highly lacquered"?)? Perhaps some kind soul could post a pic or two (was going to post this in the DMG Action Shots thread, but figured a separate thread might be useful for others looking for similar advice)? In general, is the only difference between these two options how shiny the finish is, or does it also affect woodlice/longevity. I've ordered an Adventure Case in cherry and trying to decide whether to put in an 11th hour request for a n
  2. Wow. That's some serious upgrade job you have going on! Slightly disappointed that you didn't opt for classic Hero Quest furniture as an upgrade option, but your choices look sound As for painting miniatures, it's something I always wished I could do as a kid but never learned how. Now that I'm much older and no more artistic than I was, I wonder if there's somewhere o can send them away to and have them painted?!
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