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  1. Thanks So, I know this isn't helpful at all, but what is "good" paint is really personal preference. Most painters love some paints from a company, hate others, and end up with a wide variety of what works for them. That does have the benefit of making it fine to start with whatever you want, and test out other companies as you buy new colors! For Reaper, a lot of people like it. Apparently their line of skin paints is a favorite among many professionals and is highly recommended. Their bottles are also great because they're dropped bottles, so you can be very precise when mixi
  2. And now that I'm home, this is my current project. Please ignore the skin, as it looks awful because I still have no idea what I want to do with it. Steel also needs work and the feather trim on the cloak is only undercoated and shaded. Still a little to do on the cloak too, as I'm not completely happy with it yet. Hopefully soon I'll be happy enough with her to get that Dragon Sheath for her to ride to game night in.
  3. Hold on to one of them and keep it close to your painting area. First minis a really good way to remind yourself where you started, and also to see how far you've come when you feel like you haven't improved or can't improve.
  4. Those shadows look great! Especially right around the temples, it all flows together very nicely.
  5. Nice! I was wondering if this was going to happen after taking that other thread very off topic. I like the bust, lots of character in it.
  6. And since we're on the topic of painting Popped up yesterday over on Kickstarter, from the makers of Herbaceous. Just a nice little game about going on hikes and painting stuff, with a competitive edge and a very attractive $19 price point.
  7. I'm starting to make my way toward busts, but I'm absolutely terrible at faces and skin in general. It's the bane of my existence. I would absolutely love to take one of his classes someday though, if just to watch the man work and try to absorb some talent through osmosis.
  8. I love that page. Roman's articles have pulled me out of many ruts in my painting and motivated me to improve immensely.
  9. I saw this one earlier, and I'm keeping a close eye on it. My Fiance would absolutely love it, but I'm going to wait and see if it hits it's goal, apparently it didn't make it last time it was on kickstarter.
  10. A little, but at the same time, I kinda get it. Looks like it's their first game, and I'm sure they're no stranger to the stories of companies not setting their goal high enough and failing to deliver anything on time or at all due to lack of funds, or those that have had to restart the campaign to get more money. So it could be that they're being overcautious.
  11. That looks like a good one, and that price is really nice. I really wish Kickstarter didn't have so many attractive games and game-related things competing for my limited funds. It's like a golden age of tabletop over there. I jumped on board with this one over there a few minutes ago. I was sold by gambling on whether or not your friends will die fighting monsters to buy new gear.
  12. To be completely honest, I hadn't even heard of Free League before this, and that saddens me greatly. I feel like I've missed out on so much. Still, the art drew me in and the description of the game and the overwhelming support from previous customers sold me on it. I'm strongly considering bringing Mutant: Year Zero to my game group in the next couple months to see if I can get at least a couple excited for it during the wait for Forbidden Lands.
  13. Most recently I'm digging on the art for Forbidden Lands by Free League. Backed it on Kickstarter last week and the art is fantastic, lots of stuff from different artists but all in a very retro-fantasy style. Most of the art is by Nils Gulliksson, but my favorite piece is the cover art from Simon Stålenhag.
  14. Not sure if it would work, but maybe an option for it to be a portable rolling tray? I have no idea if it's like the old design, but the old 3 piece model looks like it could possibly be cut in a way that the 2 small pieces can be taken off and magnetized to the ends of the long piece to make a little rolling area about the size of the one on the CoCo? Could be a good option for those who prefer to roll instead of use a tower, and still be the same design, just with a rectangular cutout instead of the slants and pillar for the tower.
  15. Blinkus Maximus

    #2: Chechen

    It really is a lovely wood, I wish I could find a dinner table made of the stuff (that I could actually afford of course). Looking forward to more of these, and waging psychological warfare by telling friends about the poison sap after letting them hold one of your products.
  16. I'm generally in the same boat as Author, and really prefer dice trays for that. I still like dice to stay centralized and not fall off the table, but actually rolling feels better than dropping them into a tower. That being said, I would definitely get one of the travel ones because going to game nights at a friends house, or especially a local store, it really helps keep dice close at hand. This is more important for me at stores or cafes, because I don't like when dice hit models, markers, roll into another game if you're sharing table space, or roll off the table and scatter across th
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