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  1. Right? That'll probably be my selling point too. Still gonna sit back and see if it actually comes around, but they're a pretty well known company with popular previous games, so I would be surprised if this didn't get a pretty big following.
  2. Yeah, right now Aliens are planned, a few extra human characters, and they're considering stuff like Swamp Thing and Ghosts in the comments from what I've seen.
  3. Yeah, the price is keeping me from pledging right now, but with some of the planned stretch goals it looks like it'll be worth it once more stuff has been added in.
  4. That looks awesome! A little disappointed the big jock dude isn't named Biff, but for some reason that's what I thought the second I saw his mini. And I just love that planned delivery is just in time for next Halloween!
  5. Actually, she's a runt. The pet store we frequent calls her the Toy Newf because she's only 90 pounds. "Only 90", like that's a small dog lol
  6. Well I finally decided to join in and bring this back to life. Name: Stella the Lazy Race: Newf Class: Paladin Best Known Skill: Begging for attention from across the room. Famous for: Bringing down a Dire Deer in the Winter Forest. Most Ashamed of: Pooping on the pillow when her brother went to the vet.
  7. I'll get an action shot of my theme box when it gets here. It's definitely not going to be as exciting as Serge's, but I'm definitely going to be testing how much random game stuff I can fit in it for max storage space, and probably some use as a "nota-CoCo" to hold tokens and such.
  8. Hello hello, and I'm sorry ahead of time for the bombardment of questions I'll be throwing at you when new games start coming around. I'll be that jerk finding loopholes to exploit. And that's a gorgeous doggo you've got.
  9. Yeah, seeing the base through is nothing odd, especially with light skin colors. I usually take 4 or 5 coats to get a solid initial color on skin, especially on really large areas. And like Konas said, if you add a more opaque color like white or browns, or maybe the tiniest bit of red to give it some color, it'll help it cover much better.
  10. A ridiculous, over the top 80's hostage situation? Love it, love everything about it. I'll be watching this closely.
  11. Mainly it's really good for anything you're using for games because it's double protected, and also because once you start seeing glossy spots it's time to reapply the matte so you don't risk rubbing off paint.
  12. I haven't tried it, but I can't really imagine it causing too many problems. People have used oils and acrylics on the same models before. Only issue that might come is if you seal it with an acrylic sealant it might react poorly with the primer, but that can happen with any primer and sealant.
  13. Those look great RomyCat! Everything looks very neat with no paint where it shouldn't be, and those pillars look especially nice.
  14. Here's a new one that is claiming the last remains of my wallet. I absolutely love the art, and from reviews even the prototype of the game is fantastically well made and super fun to play.
  15. Love the write up, I'm planning to get my hero sleeve done in leopardwood, and cant wait to see it in person. And wow! Those boxes at the end look AMAZING.
  16. Yeah, I've got one that I use for certain times of the year. Just not summer or winter because the air here is so dry I get about 1 or 2 hours of working time with the paper before it dries out and lifts up. The only reason I'm upgrading from my tupperware version is because they had someone who lives in extremely dry conditions review it and it didn't dry out or lift.
  17. And since we're talking painting supply, I'm a backer on this project. Not necessarily something for everyone, and you should definitely be sure you know about wet palettes and if they're something you want to do, but this one has a lot of promise and praise from the right places.
  18. Those do look pretty great. Unfortunately a bit small for my hands, but I do like the design a lot. Very smartly made with lots of thought put into letting painters attach models their preferred way.
  19. Blinkus Maximus

    #3: Redheart

    I'd love to read about Bubinga, it's such a beautiful wood!
  20. That looks awesome. Hopefully it'll hit stores at some point as I'm over my allowance for board games right now
  21. Blinkus Maximus

    #3: Redheart

    Still loving these Log Blogs, it's fun to learn new things about wood, and especially how they age. Definitely nice to know for figuring out what to buy! Unfortunately for this gorgeous wood, it isn't a dark brown to fit with the rest of my home décor.
  22. These look great so far Barb! One thing I would suggest to really make them pop would be giving them some shading with a wash/ink. If you don't have a special made one (I don't know if Reaper has specific ones...) you can really water down a dark brown paint, or mix brown with black to make it as dark as you want, and run it over the piece so the paint settles into the recesses. Then drybrush over that when it's dry. It'll add that little extra depth to really make them shine!
  23. Generally you don't want to hold the mini itself, because you can leave oils from your fingers or rub off spots you already painted. You can just hold it by the base, if it has one, or stick it to a wine cork, or an empty paint bottle, or anything you have laying around that's comfy to hold, with a bit of superglue and it'll pop off really easy when you're done. Or you can stick it to something with a little sticky-tac, a sticky reusable putty if you don't want to use glue.
  24. It's the Citadel Valhallan Blizzard with a blue glaze over it, nothing crazy.
  25. Oh, I forgot you asked about Primer, whoops! There are oh so many choices. First step is deciding if you want brush on or spray. If you live somewhere super humid, hot or cold the sprays can be...difficult. For brands, unfortunately it is personal preference again, sorry. Citadel is very much love or hate, because their spray primer is just their regular paint in an aerosol can, so it takes SO. MUCH. SHAKING. to make it flow right. Army Painter is pretty good. If you've got extra money then Vallejo is really popular. I use Tamiya because its super cheap and you can buy it in just abo
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