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  1. I'm going through New Game Plus on Miles Morales on PS4/PS5. One of the suits you can unlock after you finish the game is the one where you have a cat with you in your backpack. I'm 15% of the way though the game and I've taken over 60 screenshots already. Patiently waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. I like big dice. I have large hands, so large dice suit me. These are 45mm aluminium d20s from Level Up Dice. I 3D printed a couple dice thrones to reward them when they roll well.
  3. I ordered on Friday. It arrived Monday. I'm surprised it was delivered so quickly. Both products were securely wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box full of foam. I ordered other stuff too and it was all in perfect condition. They cared. Even had this note when I opened it about the protective plastic on the token shield lid. If there are other places to get Dogmight products in Australia, I'd love to know. One of my favourite hobbies is putting everything I want into my online shopping cart, then crying when I see the shipping cost.
  4. Hi. I've been lurking here for just over a month admiring all the gear you have. Today I picked up a package with a token shield and mini painter tool. Purchased both from Australian retailer Meeples & Dragons. The only thing stopping me from ordering more directly from Dogmight is the cost of shipping. I bought the token shield with the intention of using it to store my gear from Campaign Coins. It's currently holding my copper, silver, gold and platinum pieces, as well as inspiration tokens and life/death tokens. Just patiently waiting for the GM System that I preo
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