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  1. Just got my CoCos! I’m Backer #50, but my order needed to get redone so it just got here. It’s a 4-Pack of benge (mine!) and a fiery green, fiery purple, and XL fiery purple (for friends in my gaming group). Amusingly, I also have a dice only Mighty Dice order that just shipped too, so I should be getting another DMG box before the week is out. Yay!
  2. Thanks. This particular class was through a local adult ed center (Cambridge, MA). It was 8 three-hour sessions (held once-a-week) and included instructions on how to operate various tools in the woodshop, principles of woodworking, and time to work on the box. The same instructor also teaches more advanced classes on building stools, fancier joinery, and other topics. If I do the turning class, that would be through a local Woodcraft supply store, rather than the adult ed center.
  3. I realized that I never posted the photos that I promised of the completed project from my first woodworking class. So here they are. A simple, classic cherry box with walnut accents that the instructor had us build using various techniques that got us some practice on each of the tools in the shop. The class was fun, and I love the end result, but I think this type of woodworking isn't for me. The precision required to get every cut exactly right, then cleanly glue the pieces together was and interesting project but it didn't call out to me as a hobby. OTOH, the shop also offers
  4. Oh man, I haven't played Iron Dragon in ages. I need to pull that and RoboRally out of the closet and teach them to my daughter.
  5. My Top 5 Games: Sentinels of the Multiverse King of Tokyo Castle Panic Sushi Go! Betrayal at House on the Hill Bonus 1: Two new games that I just picked up but haven't had a chance to play yet - Patchwork and Smash Up Bonus 2: Two games on my current wish list - Survive: Escape from Atlantis and Escape: Curse of the Temple Bonus 3: A plug for a great solitaire game - One Deck Dungeon
  6. Creating a thread for people to post photos of their Dog Might Products at home. I've got a bunch, but I wanted to start out with this Card Stand Bundle that I recently got. I decided to Card Stands as a way to narrow my CoCo tile needs - now each player at my table can use a card stand with their CoCos instead of the Card, Double, or Slots tiles. Hey Lumberjacks, can you tell me which woods my randomly selected card stands are. I'm thinking it's Leopardwood, Black Walnut, Canarywood(?), Purpleheart(!), Ash with Early American finish(?)
  7. I just wanted to give a big thumb's up to all of the Dog Might Lumberjacks and Valkyries for the way they handled the concerns that were raised about the new Kickstarter. Really well done on your part and really respectful of the community that you're building (which I'm happy to be a part of). Kudos.
  8. Those are beautiful! A great inspiration for me to try and take up the hobby.
  9. After falling in love with all of the beautiful wooden gaming accessories coming out these days (from Dog Might in particular, but also from other talented companies like Wyrmwood Gaming and Elderwood Academy), I've just signed up for an 8-week Intro to Woodworking class at my local adult ed center (in Cambridge, MA) so I can create one of these nifty items for myself. The class I'm taking guides us through constructing a lidded cherry & walnut box, which I may then line with felt to turn it into a dice chest of my own. The class runs through November and I'll post my finished project he
  10. Here's an old-fashioned lumberjack joke along with a funny lumberjack pic... --- This little guy applies for a job as a lumberjack, but the foreman takes one looks at him and says, "Sorry, buddy, you're just too small." "Give me a chance," the guy pleads. "You won't regret it." "Okay," says the foreman, smirking. "You see that giant oak over there? Try and chop it down." Twenty minutes later, the mighty oak is felled and the little guy hasn't even broken a sweat. The foreman is amazed and asks, "Where'd you learn to cut trees like that?" "The Sahara Forest."
  11. Thanks! It's my new go to on various sites. The Kakamora scene in Moana cracks me up everytime.
  12. Question - If we were a Day 1 backer, do we need to note anything in the PM in order to get the free set(s) of dice?
  13. I'm coordinating a fiery 4-pack order for myself and some friends and, amusingly, the last person finally got his selection in to me about 5 minutes before the PM email went out. Our order: Fiery Green - Standard Set but swap one bowl for a deck Fiery Purple - Square x4, Card x4 Fiery Purple XL - Standard Set plus L, Deck, & 2 Counters (My set) Benge - Dragon x2, Square x2, Bowl x2, Dual x2 For my set, I was debating between getting Squares/Duals vs. Cards/Doubles but then I saw the DM Labor Day sale and decided to order a Card Stand bundle to manage all of th
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