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  1. Thanks folks for the information! @Konas will the screen be available post kickstarter for purchase, or is it exclusively for the kickstarter backers? Moderately unrelated: Is there a way to get emails when replies happen here? I didn't realize I got a reply even the same day from multiple people.
  2. Hey, I was just trying to get a little info about the Alchemist Valhalla screens coming out. I keep looking around https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nordgames/the-ultimate-guide-to-alchemy-crafting-and-enchanting-for-5e/description for information, as I'm afraid if I don't back it, or back it correctly I'd never have the ability to purchase it later. Is that 322 cost for backing it and as an addon, or something else? I'm generally confused as to how to possibly obtain one of those screens and if it needs to be done very soon, or some point in the future. Any info would be fantasti
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