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  1. I'll never launch one either. Far too much work. I prefer just enjoying the games, not designing them. Its tough enough writing books in my spare time (what little I have). Gaming does consume too much of my time.
  2. I'm intrigued. You will have to post a link when it goes live. I didn't know you were involved in making Kickstarters. That is cool.
  3. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clever-unicorn-games/weird-alchemy Here is a cheap, crazy game. I had to post it here, because in the expansion, they included this guy. Thought @tgpumpkin might like him.
  4. I sooo want to play your mega-Carcassonne. We only have 3 or 4 expansion. Need so many more.
  5. My budget is already blown. No fair. 😢
  6. Great pictures, Barb. I really love that background which adds epicness to the pictures. Would love to own some of those skulls.
  7. @Zoxe those tentacles minis are awesome. Could have used them the other day when playing Pathfinder. Our ship was attacked.
  8. Recently got in: Tiny Epic Mechs--read the rules today. Have not played yet. Expedition: the Future--not read the rules. Need to play this new expansion soon. Here is my update for Kickstarters I am waiting on: 2019 The Isle of Cats Roll Player: Fiends & Familiar Big Box Roam (plus Haven) 2018 Awkward Guest (shipping soon) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Zoo-ography Skulk Hollow (shipping soon) D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Bargain Quest & Black Market (shipping soon)
  9. Wish I had a friend who had the game so I could play it. I need more nearby games who own games. Instead, my friends look for me to buy the games then they play them. Does make for fun gaming days.
  10. Yep, I shall blame you for the Isle of Cats. So cute. How could I not get it
  11. Ahh, Sawdust looks very happy playing with his new toy. Great to see a video of him in action. Great gift, @WxCougar.
  12. Cute video. I want the game now, but I've reached the end of my budget already. I'm backing Isle of Cats and Roll Player expansion. Perhaps I will get in in retail later.
  13. This game looks intriguing. I love fantasy theme and the artwork looks awesome. If I had a lot of money, I would back this one too.
  14. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tcokgame/the-isle-of-cats?ref=user_menu This one was brought to my attention by @Barb Bliss. I could not pass on this game. Hits all the right marks: beloved theme, Tetris-like mechanics, great artwork, cute meeples, both easy "family" version and normal "gamer" version, experienced designer with excellent track record, and good game reviews. Other than price, I can't see any negatives.
  15. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1152516291/roll-player-fiends-and-familiars-expansion/comments I know @tgpumpkin already backed this game because he is in the comments on the Kickstarter page. I love the interaction of the designer Keith Matejka with the backers. Lots of feedback is invited for new familiars, backstories, race's names. I really like that. I own both the base game and the other expansion. Both are great. There is an option that to get a Big Box to hold base and both expansion. The Big Box will not be coming to retail.
  16. They seemed to really enjoy The Bridge. Some funny jokes. I owe Expedition which they play much further on. Played it only once. Was an okay game. Got it when I also bought Luxor.
  17. Poor you. Sorry you have such a long wait. I've had mine for quite a while now and use them almost every time I play board games at home. Nowadays, its hard for me imaging playing certain games without them. They help so well with organization. Soon you will have yours.
  18. I've not heard of Shipwreck Arcana. Hope you have fun playing it. I recently got in Expedition: the Horror and Tiny Epic Mechs. I've not gotten around to playing them yet. Also bought Wingspan, which we enjoyed playing. Skull Tales with its many minis is suppose to arrive in the next week or two. Lots of painting in my future.
  19. Ohh, the game has a 3D element. That is cool.
  20. Ah, thanks for the advice. I've bought certain paints also because of advice here. And got that awesome sell on Reaper paints last Nov.
  21. I used Plastic Putty by Vallejo. It made of Acrylic resin. Got it through Amazon, I believe. Someone on a forum recommended it for this purpose.
  22. I've been enjoying my summer. And spending a lot of time working on painting minis. Here is some of my work. This is my most challenging piece to date. It came in five pieces. Its the first miniature I had to glue together. Then I had to buy a special putty to fix the cracks. Then I bought 3 metallic paints to use on it. It's become my "Flame and Joy" piece. My sister gave me the elf for Christmas. I bought the other two pieces. They look like they belong together. I love my portal. Can't wait to use it in a RPG secion. I worked a long time
  23. Why did you you have to post that one? I very much wanted the base when it was first on Kickstarater bur I passed due to budget. Now I so want it again. Must remember budget...must remember....must.
  24. I have heard much about Too Many Bones. I would love to play the game, to see if I would like to buy it. It is on the expensive side, but it is suppose to have very high quality production.
  25. Those are pretty dice. Must resist. Must. I'm still waiting on my rogue dice from PolyHero Dice.
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