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  1. "Do you mind not shooting at the Nuclear Weapons!" ~John Travolta in Broken Arrow



    "Put the bunny back in the box."  Fight breaks out which ends with the villain stabbed through heart. Hero says, "Why couldn't you put the bunny back into the box?"  ~ Nicholas Cage in Conair

  2. I am participating in Secret Santa on BGG for the first time this year.  My Santa sent me a series of hints about the gifts I would receive. Here are the hints. Can you guess them?

    PS: My games have already arrived, and my sister and I have been having a blast playing them. We figured out three out of five correctly.

    Hint #1
    Christmas time is here
    Happiness and cheer
    Fun for all that children call
    Their favorite time of year

    FedEx in the air
    Boardgames everywhere
    Euros by the fireside
    And joyful memories there

    Hint #2
    Oh ???? 
    Oh ???? 

    How lovely are your branches!

    Hint #3
    The Turkey is a funny bird
    It’s head goes bobble-bobble
    And all he knows is one word
    And that is Gobble-Gobble

    The Turkey is a shy bird
    Thanksgiving makes him better
    If he wants to seal you
    He writes a letter

    Hint #4
    To bee or not to bee
    That is the question

    I know one thing
    You will bee happy
    On Saturday.

    Hint #5
    Life is a battle
    Con the enemy with a rattle
    If you can figure out her cards
    Winning won’t be too hard. 

    I’ve sent you 5 clues
    Each holds an answer for you
    Something for you and your sister
    I feel like such a trickster

    Wait til Christmas or open right away
    I hope it will make your day
    If you wait a little while
    These clues should give you quite a smile
    Figure them all and you’re a genius
    Figure them none And you’ll still enjoy Christmas 
    You have Jesus so I know you don’t need presents
    But it’s still fun to give them! So have fun!



    I picked up Vikings On Board went it was on a super cheap sale last year. Here is my Amazon review:

    Rating: Two Stars

    This game is truly one of the most beautiful games I have ever bought, with the colorful artwork and 3D ships which come pre-made. I love the shields you put your goods on after they ship.

    The gameplay is not so enjoyable, at least for my family. Players spend most of their time trying to ruin the plans of other players. Its difficult to plan ahead because most likely your ship pieces will be moved by other players, hijacking your goods you wanted to sail off with.

    If you are a player who likes constantly "in you face" conflict, then you may like this one. My family prefers more Euro style games where you can develop long-term strategy, which is useless in this game.


    Link: https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Orange-04300-Vikings-Board/dp/B01IMWLG1E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511153747&sr=8-1&keywords=Vikings+on+board


  4. If you want a light roleplaying game that is easy to jump into and quick to play, you might try Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game. I got its expansion on Kickstarter.  You use an app which tells a story and gives players choices. Based on their decisions, they may have to deal with traps and fight battles. There are MANY stories to choice from and users can write and share their own stories. They even had a contest recently and gave $500 to the best story writer. The tutorial game is easy to play and will take maybe 30 minutes (for 2 players). 

    Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Expedition-The-Roleplaying-Card-Game/dp/B01MSPKLVR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511152801&sr=8-1&keywords=Expedition%3A+The+Roleplaying+Card+Game.

    Kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toddmedema/expedition-the-horror



  5. My most anticipated game has arrived!!!!  Gloomhaven  9_9

    Wow, its a HUGE box which weighed 22 pounds BEFORE I added my Broken Token. Now it weighs roughly thirty pounds...I'm not joking about that either. Whenever I need exercise,  all I have to do is take out my copy of Gloomhaven.  

  6. Growth as a painter:

    First picture:

    • Left ~ Prepainted barrel ordered from Top Shelf Gamer.
    • Middle ~ My first attempt at painting. This barrel came from Dungeonstone's website. I used a black wash then a spray-on sealer that turned it even darker, to my disappointment. All paint used was cheap acrylic from Walmart.
    • Right ~ A barrel from Dungeon Saga. This time I used a dark brown wash and paint-on sealer, using first a shiny coat then a dull coat (thanks for the tip, guys). The metal band was a Reaper paint.

    Second Picture:

    • Left ~ Prepainted chest ordered from Top Shelf Gamer.
    • Right ~ A chest from Dungeon Saga. I used the same techniques above as the barrel on the right.



  7. I finished panting my doors for Zombicide and for Dungeon Saga: Furniture Pack (I bought two copies).  Here are some close-up. Again, I know they are not perfect, but I had a LOT of fun doing them. And they will look great when playing both Pathfinder and Gloomhaven.





  8. I finally finished painting my  Zomicide Doors and Dungeon Saga: Furniture Pack (2 copies). Here are the results. My copy of Gloomhaven came in two days ago, and I finished reading the thick rule book yesterday. Now I'm ready to start playing, using my many 3D terrain objects. 

    Dugeon Saga.JPG



  9. I know this is not a game, but these can be useful. I'm running out of space for my games and will need some new shelves soon. Also my current cheap shelves from Wal-mart are sagging a bit. I'm always having to be concerned about putting my heavier games on the bottom. With these gameshelves, my worries will be gone.

    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/888782331/boxthrone-the-modular-board-game-shelving-system/description



  10. Barb, your work looks awesome. Love reading chat of those with lots of experience.

    Now I will go back to painting my doors and an army of slimes (which I made myself out of Halloween decorations and a ton of hot glue).  I will have pictures later.



  11. Barb, your doors look awesome. Been working on some myself. I finished the doors but now have the frames to do. I'll try to post pictures when I finally finish. 

    I am in the midst of painting Dungeon Funiture Saga pack. Its been fun working the wooden furniture. I am ready to soon start on the stone fountains and the thrones. I have not figured out how I will do the thrones yet. I need to study more pictures. 

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