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  1. Ooh, this sounds intriguing. I LOVED Dragon Warrior as a teenager. It was the first RPG I ever played, and it opened up a whole new world to me. Afterwards I started playing the Final Fantasy series and Ultimate series.  Sill, I will never forget enormous fun my family had with Dragon Warrior. Even my mother was playing it. We each had our own game file and competed to see who would finish the game first. (It was me, I believe). 

    So how does your game work? What are the rules? Looks like you have put a lot of thought into it.

  2. There are plenty of times I almost beat my sister. Then there are the devastating losses where I'm embarrassed to even admit the score was mine.   So what are some of your worst defeats you dare to admit?


    My Cooperative  Disaster Story

    I played Codenames Duet for the first time today. Thirteen games later, my sister and I had only won once. Stupid assassins. They can be anywhere, even a snowman. At this rate, we will never reach our second city (you can play the game as a campaign).

    I must admit, despite us losing so much, we had a blast. This is my favorite version of Codenames so far. We are determined to win more scenarios, hopefully before we have gray hair.



  3. 1 hour ago, tgpumpkin said:

    Officially got my notification for gloomhaven.  It arrives on Wednesday. :)

    Hurry, you finally get to play soon.  Have you put together your Broken Token yet? You're really going to need it when you start punching out the many pieces for Gloomhaven.

  4. 19 hours ago, RomyCat said:

    Seeing the process as it took place was cool. I have never dry brushed. I presume you can do it indoors. How much of an area do you need to marke off to do it?

    Oops, I meant air brush. I do use dry brushing on my minis. I have never done air brushing.

  5. She sounds like a great a woman. I miss having a flower garden myself. I use to live in the country and had lots of flowers beds and a huge veggie garden. Now I have a few hedges. I tried growing flowers but the area around my house floods every year and seeds don’t fare well.  At least I can play games about growing plants.

  6. My Secret Santa recently sent me Photosynthesis as a present. Its theme of growing seeds into tall trees appealed to me. As I played the game with my sister and several friends, I enjoyed the deep strategy hidden in this charming game with its bright, cheerful artwork. As I chopped down a tall tree (the instruction book words it "when a tree reaches the end of its life cycle"), I found myself thinking of Dog Might and the wonderful products they make.

    The game actually is very competitive, especially with four players where there is limited space. Everyone is trying to soak in as much sunlight as possible, growing your trees taller than others, casting smaller trees into shadows and preventing them from collecting light points. You only score points by letting tree mature into death (aka, chop them down). But once you chop down a mature tree, you will no longer get sunlight from it. Timing is so very important in this game. The sun keeps rotating around the board, so you actually need to think constantly in the fourth dimension--time.

    When the sun moves this time, I will get 10 sun points. But on the next rotation, I only will get two. Better grow another tree quick. Yikes, someone just blocked me! 

    My sister kept wishing she could hire a lumberjack to chop down my tallest trees. Fortunately for me, that's not in the rules.







  7. Finally I began playing Gloomhaven with my sister. Our first scenario did not end well. Mid game we were attacked by a huge, ferocious beast with long claws and tail. She sent us flying across the dungeon. She even knocked down doors. After we recovered from  her attack, we were defeated by an archer picking us off as we entered a long hallway.

    Dabber gloom.jpg

  8. Oh Great Pumpkin. I beg forgiveness for eating a pie today made of your kindred.  I was forced to eat it. My sister labored for hours in the kitchen preparing a huge meal. If I did not eat the pie, she would be disappointed that her hard work was for nothing. So to support her, I ate a piece. Now I must face you, The Great Orange One. 

    I promise to cherish you tasty...friendly kindred. I shall keep you seeds safe, not toasting them. I will avoid pumpkin cheesecake, ice cream, fraps, cakes, and pies. I shall be pumpkin friendly.

  9. Inspired by the YouTuber TheDMGinfo who makes awesome dungeon props out of cheap  materials, I created by own slime army and it cost me less than $7. I originally was only going to make ten small green ones for Gloomhaven, but then I thought, "Why stop there?" I made different sizes and colors which can be used in both D&D and Pathfinder. Then I made the mistake of showing them off to my DM. Now I might have to face-off against my own creations in an epic slime battle in the Pathfinder campaign I am doing with some friends.

    Parts Price

    • Skeletons-- I bought these a few days after Halloween was over. Price only ten cents. Then I chopped up the skeletons. What fun making piles of bones.
    • Base--leftover plastic salad lid that was going to be thrown away.
    • Nails/swords & buttons/shields--bits and pieces laying around in drawers for years.
    • Slime--hot glue. I used an entire pack. Cost about $4.
    • Paint--cheap acrylic paint from Walmart. Already had the paint, so didn't really add much for coast value.
    • Slimness--I used Glosscote Lacquer Brush-On to add the shininess to the surface. I already owned this so maybe I used fifty cents worth of material.

    Slime Army.JPG

    Slime army close-up.jpg

    Slimes everywhere.JPG

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