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  1. Serge, I showed this video to my niece a few weeks ago (before the Kickstarter actually launched). She plays a rogue in our Pathfinder campaign. Her first response was, "You have to get those dice for me." So, being the loving aunt I am, as soon as the Kickstarter opened, I backed it. A rogue got to have proper tools like daggers and poison.

  2. On 1/19/2018 at 11:07 PM, Barb Bliss said:

    Not a game, but I'm figuring out my pledge manager for my Throne Boxes.  It's almost as crazy as doing your taxes.  I'm looking at around $240 in add ons (shelves between three towers and acrylic snap ons for displaying painted minis and DMG products).  I don't even want to think about shipping.  Thankfully, they have been really accessible for answering questions.

    I did the Pledge Manger for Throne Boxes yesterday. Was soooo expensive, then throw in shipping on top of that. I finally decided on a two towers arrangement with extra shelves to go between the stacks. I also added the mat holder. I wanted to also get the acrylic snaps but my budget had hit its limit. 

    My logic for this expensive purchase was I was going to have to buy more shelves for my games soon anyway, as I am running out of shelf space. And this will be the last shelves I will need to buy for many, many years (hopefully....I do need to cut back on Kickstarters this year). 

  3. Barb, I was turned off to KDM for the same reason you were. I refuse to buy games that sexualizes women too much.  There are plenty of games that handle woman in proper ways and still make them look cool like One Deck Dungeon and Dead of Winter.   Honestly, a real warrior woman would not be wearing almost nothing while running around in a cold dungeon while fighting badies.  She needs proper warmth and protection during the battles, climbing, exploring, and treasure hunting. 

    TGPumpkin, I have decked out my Scythe game too, though you might have more stuff than me.  I have  all the expansions, upgraded the tokens, and bought metal coins. I haven't brought the big box for it--but it is tempting. Currently I have to store my items for the game in two boxes. 

  4. There is another Tiny Epic game on Kickstarter--this one with Zombies. I own several other Tiny Epic games and like them. Zombies are an overused theme, but this game seems to be well done. Five modes to play including one player controlling the zombies and the others are the hopeful survivors.  Designed for 1-5 players.

    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/tiny-epic-zombies-a-game-of-brutal-survival/description 


  5. On 1/9/2018 at 12:40 PM, Zenithsplendor said:

    I went and picked up some stain today. Now romy must paint my Christmas gift :D

    Got it stained and put together with Zenith's help. Now for a bit of extra painting for the player's trays then a sealer.

  6. I gave my sister the Broken Token for Terraforming Mars for Christmas but not have time to put it together yet. Must buy stain for it first--maybe go with a redish brown to fit the theme.

  7. I really like Cottage Garden. It is a light, easy to play game that using cats as "wilds" for filling in garden squares. My sister got A Feast for Odin for Christmas. It uses the same mechanics as Cottage Garden and Patchwork, but is a much heavier game with a strong Viking theme.  All three games are designed by famous Uwe Rosenberg (he also did Agricola). We both love A Feast for Odin with its many options for points and fun theme. 

    It depending on if you want a fast 2 player game (Patchwork), a fun, cute game for up to 4 players (Cottage Garden), or a serious game with exploring, raiding, and harvesting (A Feast for Odin).  I enjoy all three of the games.

  8. I just wanted to say everyone's work is very impressive. Makes me want to pull my paintbrushes out right now.

    It is very cold here also (we are having a cold snap), discouraging me from painting. Instead, I have been playing lots of games which came in over the holidays, including finishing up the Charterstone campaign. 

    I did get several minis for Christmas which I am excited to soon paint. Alas, I do have to head back to work tomorrow. Christmas break is about over for us teachers. Hopefully it warms up a bit and I can find some time to paint. 



  9. Adam, I did BGG Secret Santa also. It was my first time. I was given Photosynthesis, Hive Pocket,  T.I.M.E. Stories, Istanbul Letters & Seals, and Battle Con: Trials of Indines. I really had a fun time with Secret Santa. Mine first sent me a series of clues where I tried  figuring out what was coming. 

    BGG Santa teasing link: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/232860/item/5776422#item5776422

    For Christmas itself, I gave myself Cottage Garden. I loved that it had cats in it. My sister gave me six cool meeples from Meeple Source (I have growing collection of their awesome character meeples now). Charaterstone came in near Christmas, so I guess I can claim that as a gift to myself too.

    My sister got a nice haul of games, but I will let her post that herself (I gave her a lot of games). 

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