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    I searched for an image to tempt you, though this is White Ash with Ebony Finish. Unless you play RPG games you don't really need a GM screen. Then again do we ever really NEED any of these awesome products we keep buying? We just love them. 

    Maybe I should not point out to you that the GM system can actually store your dice with or without the slim dragon sheaths. You can also store scratch paper, pencils, and other supplies in it if you skip the sheaths.  Useful, even if not playing a RPG. Great, now I'm talking myself into buying one. Thanks a lot, Tgpumkin.  You may have just cost me a few hundred dollars after I told myself not to do any big Kickstarters this year. (Still trying to recover from 7th Continent and Box  Thrones.)


  2. As I an using metal dice now as my favorite dice (got them from DMG), they can be VERY noisy on a normal table, plus I would be concerned about scratching a table with them (the D4 has very sharp points). I am currently using a prototype dice tower with felt lining from DMG for the dice and it works very well. Not loud and no worries about damaging tables, boards, or other surfaces.

  3. LuckyIke, your dice tray looks great. I hope Barb gets her CoCo's soon. 

    I was really eyeing those Game Master Systems, but I'm not a DM for the Pathfinder game I'm playing. If I have bought one of those GMS, I would want to coup my own DM and take over the game just to have an excuse to use my new GMS. My DM would not appreciate that. 

  4. With the tuck boxes for BT, it has taken some practice for me and my sister to learn the best method to get all the standees to fit in certain boxes. But they will fit without bulging. Our method is to stack the same kind then put them in sideways. (This also depends on the type of monsters). Then carefully slide another stack in sideways. I had to practice several times with the archers but I can now get them all in well.

    Others than needing to be careful with putting monsters in boxes, all the packing up and pulling out of items works just find for me. I love using the BT.

  5. During November-January,  a lot of games have flooded into my home. Here is a quick run down of our experience.


    • Triplock -great components, innovative gameplay
    • Kitchen Rush -we loved this game. Played it over and over. Whose turn is it to wash the dishes? I'm busy buying veggies.
    • Clans of Caledonia -an instant classic Euro
    • Christmas Tree: The Decorating -A mini-game I bought cause my sister enjoys holiday theme games
    • Gloomhaven -awesome game that lives up to the hype
    • Tao Long -great components but the game play was confusing for us. I need to watch a how-to-play video before playing again

    Christmas gifts for/from my family & Secret Santa:

    • Burgle Bros -we had a blast with this one. Stealing has never been so much fun (note: normally I'm not a thief)
    • Charterstone -we beat the campaign, enjoying the experience
    • Codenames Duet -We have played this one 25 times, only winning 5 games. Fun but tough
    • Cottage Garden -a cute fun game by one of my favorite game designers Uwe Rosenberg. It has cats!!!!! Enough said.
    • A Feast for Odin -Love the depth and theme of this game which is also by Uwe Rosenberg
    • Fresco -nice painting theme, but not balance for 2 players, though the box says 2 players can play it
    • Hive -a quick game that sort of feels like chess. I lost every game I played so far :-(
    • Kingdomino -fun, quick game that should be in everyone's library
    • Magic Maze -tons of fun...but you have to keep you eye on that timer...Hey, sis, why are you banging that red pawn this time?
    • One Deck Dungeon -I've not played this one yet, but Zenith has enjoyed it solo. I do like the all female cast of characters.
    • Photosynthesis -Fun game with new concepts I have not seen before. I love seeing a forest grow before my eyes.
    • Rocky Road a la Mode -A quick, fun game. You should always play this game while eating ice cream :-) 
    • T.I.M.E. Stories -Very innovative. We enjoyed the 1 scenario that comes with it, but once you beat it, you don't keep playing until you buy another scenario.
    • Sagrada -Fun, light hearten game we enjoyed. Awesome dice.)
  6. I got the three solo packs for Triplock also. Have not open them yet, waiting until one of us finishes the first solo story that came with the base game. I have to say, the components for Triplock are mindblowing awesome. Now I just need time to play. Need a week off of work to enjoy all the new Kickstarters that have come from November to January so far. I am cutting back on buying games for a while. 


    • Triplock
    • Kitchen Rush
    • Clans of Caledonia
    • Christmas Tree: The decorating
    • Gloomhaven
    • Tao Long

    Christmas gifts for/from my family & Secret Santa:

    • Burgle Bros
    • Charterstone
    • Codenames Duet
    • Cottage Garden
    • A Feast for Odin
    • Fresco
    • Hive
    • Kingdomino
    • Magic Maze
    • One Deck Dungeon
    • Photosynthesis
    • Rocky Road a la Mode
    • T.I.M.E. Stories
    • Sagrada
  7. Here is mine BT for Gloomhaven stained, but not with any items in them. Zenith and I recently put together the BT for Terriforming Mars. Love how the trays keep the cubes in place. I no longer have to worry about a cat bumping them and messing up by stuff. I'll try to post pictures soon.

    Gloomhaven Broken Token.JPG

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