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  1. If I didn't already have five real cats, this would be tempting. I think they would try to beat up a new robot cat and boss it around.
  2. Oh, I forgot to add to my list Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs that Barb pointed out to me last year. The sequel Kickstarter came and went without me even knowing about it, which I guess is good as I saved $70. But now I'm tempted to become a late backer for it.
  3. Time for a new update on what I'm waiting on. Really looking forward to Labyrinthos 😀 2020 Deep Space d-6 Armada 2019 Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers Roll Player: Fiends & Familiar Big Box Sleeping Gods Burgle Bros 2 Mint Cooperative Obsession Labyrinthos Calico Tiny Epic Dinosaur Button Shy games (3 of them) Dinobilvion 2018 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Zoo-ography D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Incoming Transmission Tang Garden
  4. 1. Keep my gaming buying under control. 2. Cut back on sweets. Diabetics runs in the family and I need to be careful. 3. Make an awesome Game Room in my house.
  5. We had a get together yesterday for friends. My sister made pumpkin circles with cream on top. Then she made pumpkin brownies. Yummy.
  6. Wow, its like a fancy, new version of Q-bert. But much cooler.
  7. Better late than never. What’s the game you played the most this year? Azul for me, followed by Welcome To.... Game that surprised you the most? Hm, many games lived up to what I expected. Perhaps a surprised gem was Ramen Fury which you can pick up at Walmart for $10. Fast, fun game which makes me hungry whenever I play it. Game you regret the most not backing? Originally Obsession from a few years ago, but it came back a few months go and I did back it this time.
  8. I watched videos about the game and would love to play it, but I know you need a large player count, which is hard to get for me. So I pass on buying it. I bought Twilight Imperium last Thanksgiving. Watched vids and read all the rules. All set to play....and don't have enough dedicated players for a game. Requires 3 or more to set aside 5-8 for one game. Maybe someday I will get to play the game. It still looks so cool on my shelf. I want to be a space lion!
  9. Saw this under somebody's avatar on BGG and had to turn it into a picture. (16 refers to the fact that microbages are 16x16 in size)
  10. You survived the Line of Endlessness. Now you can handle anything.
  11. Ooh, you Ooh, you already got your notice for the Battlempas!!! I've haven't yet. I backed their last set of battlemaps, and believe me, they are getting a lot of use for both the Pathfinder and D&D campaigns we are doing. Love them. I'm eager for the new batch to come in.
  12. I won't even begin talking about my sad attempts for accents.
  13. Roses I had a blast playing Pathfinder with friends over the weekend Looking forward to playing Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger with my sister and niece after dinner. Thorn My bathroom sink is stopped up and we have been trying for days to fix it. Draino is not working this time (usually that fixes this common problem we have been dealing with for years). Tried sticking a screwdriver as far down the pipe as possible. That didn't help either. Tried hot, boiling water. Nope.
  14. Great pictures, @Serge Darveau. You are having a blast with your CoCo. They are so much fun to use.
  15. Now that the game has launched, I can show off my new microbadges on BGG under my avatar. What fun 😁
  16. That would be very irritating. Not someone I would want to play with much. I do love the game Concordia. I beat my sister a lot, and she does not pout...much. 😈
  17. Missed the link. Thanks for sharing it, though. If it becomes free in the future, maybe I can grab it.
  18. Loving the game Labyrinthos, I designed five microbadges which were approved on the website Board Game Geek. There is a badge for each hero and one for the Minotaur. If you have a BGG account and would like to show your support for the game, you can purchase the badges following these links: Sostrate Leona Minotaur Diodotus Akakios
  19. I love Concordia. I usually win when my sister and I play. We have it on our 10x10 challenge this year. Got a few more plays to finish it up.
  20. Yep, very reasonable indeed. And my sister is hinting to me I should get it.
  21. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1384717505/upstairs-downstairs-an-obsession-expansion Obsession was one of those games I didn't originally back due budget, but I kept thinking occasionally about, wishing I had gotten it. Now I have a second chance as its back on Kickstarter with an new expansion. I love the Jane Austen Victorian theme. And on BGG, I heard a number of people chatting about how they enjoyed the game.
  22. I've not heard of Nouvelle before but it looks cool. Love how snow layers add more tension to the game as it progresses. I am considering backing Mint Cooperative. I like the other two Mint games I have.
  23. Planning to back. Can't wait for the campaign to start.
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