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  1. Quote

    Spiritualists believe that Bolivian Rosewood symbolizes love, healing, change, creativity and, most importantly, blocking unwanted forces. When the zombie apocalypse inevitably arrives, be sure to have some of this fine wood around.

    So if a mimic is made from Rosewood, does it really help with "blocking unwanted forces"?  Does the mimic get extra powers when protecting what is inside?

    As I just bought this Rosewood mimic, I will soon find out. I must be very careful opening the package when I get it, hoping it dos not bite me. How long does it take for a mimic to recognize its master? Any magical words or food I need to feed it?  Or does it only eat dice? Once I tame it, I believe this special mimic will keep away zombie and unwanted guests trying to steal my loot. 

    Bolivian Rosewood Mimic Chest.JPG

  2. This write up made me excited, as one of my CoCo's will be Leopardwood.  One of the tiles will be a saber-tooth tiger and another a dragon.  I can't wait to see how the specks look with these animals. Hopefully the dragon will look like he has scales.

  3. Quote: "Because of this fact, I have made it my personal mission to put a piece of Redheart in the hands of every gamer in the world!"

    I'm for that. How many trees would we need to chop down to complete that goal? Hopefully there is a huge forest of Redheart trees.

    I would love to have a redheart dragon sheath myself. I will keep that in mine for the future.


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