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  1. I do enjoy a nice piece of black walnut. It can have so much character! For a mid-tier Wood, it certainly seems to offer the best bang for your buck
  2. And on more ancient tables: https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/06/boardgame-piece-first-viking-raid-found-lindisfarne-archaeology
  3. I love the semi-coop aspect of Tonari. Great little game with nice components.
  4. With the holidays fading into the rear-view mirror, and the large releases of GenCon / Essen months away, this is a time of year where I hunt for small-format games that can really shine. A few notable ones have stood out of late all in the $25 range Ankh'or is a 2-4 player game by the design team behind Jaipur. It combines resource collection ala Splendor with a variable market board, and adds a simple set collection and tableau building element to it. Easy to teach, high replayability. It shines with two, and looks to be chaotic fun at three-four players. Paris: La Cite de la
  5. My most played game this year is Terraforming Mars. I just can’t get enough of that game. I’m very excited to see what the Turmoil expansion has in store to mix things up even more. The game that surprised me the most was Parks, by Keymaster Games. I had put in a retailer pledge based largely on the aesthetics, but after receiving the copies and trying it out, immediately knew it was a hit and ordered several more cases. Great components, good balance of ease of learning with strategic choices, nice theme, compact box with immaculately thought out insert - it hit all the right notes.
  6. I went all in on the Kickstarter and absolutely love Rising Sun. I would definitely recommend playing with five players if possible. I feel that it really shines always having one odd person out of alliances, causes more chaos and shake ups between seasons. It does take a play or two to really get a feel for the mechanisms and how to maximize your potential during the war phase. I am terrible at this game but love playing it.
  7. I procured this fine fellow from one of the vendors at our monthly craft faire. He does prop and practical effects work for a living, and makes evil gourds on the side. It’s cast from some mystery material with a generic name (surprisingly heavy) and is hand painted. He also had some disturbingly realistic looking skulls on hand...
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this. Snagged a copy.
  9. If you google “magnetic paint” there are a few different primers available by Rustoleum and other companies. I haven’t tried any of them, so can’t speak to their efficacy.
  10. (OOC : I’m sure Padauk will find a way to catch up with the rest of the group if he wound up sleeping off a bit of a hangover. )
  11. The sleepy town began to rouse and farmers and shopkeepers bustled about their business. Well, stumbled about in a groggy haze to be more precise, as they paid the day’s price for last night’s Threshing Eve festivities. Homer Noodleman stopped outside Gnarly’s fence and hollered for his friend. “Did you hear what happened to Bill last night? Dumbass tried to pick a fight with Applebee’s mule after you and your fancy new pals beat feet. He leapt right off the porch of the Sapphire Stag to hit the poor thing with a flying kick. Turns out Applebee’s mule is a right bit better of a kic
  12. (OOC I was waiting for the rest of the party to join up on Gnarly’s offer. Folks can decide wheeze they slept. Let’s move along) Dawn brings with it a crisp breeze that, along with the Sun’s first cheerful rays, quickly burns off a light fog. Autumn has begun to make its presence known, with a chill that spreads its tendrils at dawn and dusk, but which retreats by third morning bell until after sundown. Gnarly’s barn is a stout, squat affair, designed for weathering storms and storing pumpkins. Oh the pumpkins! Mounds and mounds of them, with hardly room for a visitor to
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