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  1. A nice consolation prize given the zirocote base found a new home on Friday. When you have time (yeah, right???), can you share a picture of your kingwood base?
  2. Anyone watching season 3? How is White Tiger still "singing". I would have really liked to see the Llama still singing. When he started singing a Tom Jones song, I laughed out loud. The dude should have been rewarded for that.
  3. True that! Not sure how familiar you are with Dilbert. The team was sitting around the table when the pointy haired boss says "I'd like to talk about quality." Dilbert thinks "Is this going to be a flash in the pan or is it going to linger like the stench of a dead woodchuck under the front porch steps." The pointy haired boss says "I'd like to create a quality circle." Everyone around the table thought "Woodchuck!". It's amazing how many chat windows pop up in an online meeting with the text Woodchuck in it.
  4. I like the base engraving of yours better. Sweet birdies instead of a celtic circle. I'm guessing you'd rather have a base without sweet birdies on it.
  5. Nice. I strongly considered getting mine in that wood, but there was this beautiful glowing redwood that seduced me.
  6. Don't let @Konas hear you say that or he'll keep making sentinels with that stain and the same interior. He likes to torture @Thomas Browne and myself with caramel BoRo and that honeycomb interior.
  7. Just about Friday meeting time for you guys. Have a good weekend. We're due here for 3-5" of snow Sat night through Sunday.
  8. Pretty sure he'll laugh, and then curse you for making him laugh.
  9. Not that I recall, but they do seem to go quick. It looks luxurious but without the upcharge for boro, boco, chechen, etc.
  10. Something like this (sans the circling words) seems doable? Maybe less friendly???
  11. Speaking of which, how hard would it be to do a sunburst? 😁
  12. If you could figure out the dragon for the engraving, EVERYONE would upgrade to get it.
  13. All the new pp have been snatched up except 2. It seems like people would rather get less expensive woods/stains than premium woods that would add to the price tag.
  14. I think something like this should be made available on the KS PP via pledgemanager.
  15. I did get a redheart one, and am crossing my fingers (figuratively as I can't do it anymore physically) I don't get paint on it that I can wipe off with a damp cloth.
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