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  1. That game was tuned to let a person in front run away with the game. I hope it fixed that.
  2. I haven't cracked my expansion open yet. How is it? I've gotten several games since the pandemic hit (from KS) that haven't gotten any attention. I also got Fuji Koro, the expansion to Gugong, the expansion to Planetarium, and Tidal Blades. I'm glad I decided to save some money and do wave 2 shipping for Etherfields, though it's killing me to know Jaemus has his, but I don't have mine.
  3. Nice. Maybe you need some stocks for when they aren't rolling well for you.
  4. I finally got my dmg weapons (sans wands) hung on the wall.
  5. Feel free to post pics of your painted minis on the mini painting forum. 🙂
  6. Those are cool. And big! Doubt there is a dice tower for those...
  7. The rest of the Gingerbread Gang.
  8. I'm out of reactions! But thanks. That was my thought when I saw them on Kickstarter.
  9. They smell like ginger, nutmeg, and malice... (I "burned" their backsides...)
  10. Yes, but not this year. I plan to use the phrase: They smell like ginger, nutmeg, and malice. I got the first 8 painted.
  11. Yes and no. I still have the expansion to do. A whole nother set of characters and monsters. I'm going to let them sit a little bit so I can do something different for a while. The Gingerbread Gang showed up, so I'm switching gears to War in Christmas Village.
  12. @Konas, Here's the closest I'll be getting to seeing them on the board.
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