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  1. Aha! Finally found the one I was looking for. Experimental Searchlight :).
  2. Who does a lady have to talk to for a Lantern to have a, uh, "accident" and become "useless trash"? 😋
  3. This is awesome. Please keep 'em coming! I'm a fan of the Dark Cake we had awhile back.
  4. It was a braindead day 🤣 Still one of my favorite stain names I've thought of!
  5. It funded enough to unlock all of the stretch goals! Now the wait begins. I've been thinking about Set a Watch, too! Either that or Frostpunk. It's hard, but I have to pick between the two. At this rate, I'm going to get a whole bunch of games in the mail next September.
  6. Steam is having a huge release of demos for Autumn. Found this one last night and the demo was a blast. It's supposed to release on 28 October and I am super excited. I didn't know what I expected, but "rave music horror" certainly fits it. Do not watch if you're sensitive to flashing lights and whatnot!
  7. Another cool one I just backed: Pretty pumped about it!
  8. Tim and Erricka brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks the other day. I think I about died, so delicious. And delivery right to my office too! I've got the flavored creamer at home, but it's just not the same.
  9. It should be shipping out next month! I ended up going for the edition where I could get custom art of my cats because, of course I did. There was a printing delay due to their manufacturer, but hopefully it is resolved by the end of October. I'd love to have it by my birthday.
  10. Oh no. I wish I hadn't heard about this, because I need about 20 of them.
  11. So far a beautiful day here. A bit warm for my tastes at nearly 80 degrees, but it could be worse. We're supposed to have cooler weather coming up which I'm delighted about.
  12. I've never played anyone quite like Catherine. Usually I'm a chaotic good goofball. I wasn't sure at first how much I'd be able to stick to her character, but I've become really comfortable with her and am having a complete blast.
  13. She's a self-absorbed teenage debutante. Her alignment is "Teenager". AKA true neutral.
  14. Thank you! It's line art my BFF did of my character, Catherine. I have the colored version framed in my home office.
  15. Oh beans. I should've taken some photos of the earrings I've made. I'll try to remember over the weekend.
  16. Only one. The rest I paid for with my EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE skills. I think I paid you guys for the redheart in beer, though. And my Theme Boxes that are eternally dying in QA because I'm THE nightmare customer and keep changing my mind, and am refusing to let anyone except Jake do the engraving. RIP my boxes, and curse my indecision.
  17. Finally settled into my new place, and I figured I'd share a photo of my DMG stuff! The cardboard dice box is empty, but I like it and think it completes the space. I'm still incredibly proud of the Sentinel and Player Pad. I had intended to make my own Dragon Glass, but moving was so hectic that it was just easier to pay the team to do it for me. It's prettier than I could have gotten it anyway! Not pictured is the amount of times my cats have tried to knock everything over. Thank goodness my home office has carpet. Oh, and of course, my very special Dog Might cutting
  18. I'll work on it! I didn't end up going this week, but I'll see if I can get some photos from other people.
  19. I ended up backing The Emerald Flame a few weeks ago, and I'm really excited for it! You can only play it once, but it's absolutely gorgeous. The whole idea is that you play it and solve it, and then pass it on to someone else. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/postcurious/the-emerald-flame I also backed this one awhile ago, because of course I did. It looks like an absolute blast. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/363185239/communist-cats-revolution
  20. They're pretty enough that I'll pay a very pretty penny for them... when my inner child/dice goblin can have instant gratification and not have to wait.
  21. Ugh, so pretty. I really wanted to back them, but I'm just going to wait patiently for late pledges and pre-orders.
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