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  1. Two of my favorite discoveries from this weekend's deep dive were Dragon's Gold (kind of like Fuchsia Sunburst but not quite), and NeonPunk (kind of like Glacial or Light Galaxy, but not quite).
  2. Over the weekend I got bored and threw together a fan gallery of Experimental Stains, from a couple years ago all the way up to last week--check it out! And if I missed any, post a pic of it and I'll add it to the collection!
  3. I don't know if this ever had a name (it was for a LE screen), but I always think of it as "purple sunset."
  4. Also, at some point I want to do a collage of "rainbow," "fruit punch", and "psychedelic," and see if I can actually spot the difference. 😛
  5. Group shot, with some experimental stains mixed in with traditional ones. VS: Experimental Ocean Depths AC: Sapphire (left); Seaworn (right) DJ: Rainbow/Pride (left); Teal (right) DS: Dusk (11 o'clock) (the rest are standard colors or Pride/Rainbow) TS: "lighter" Dark Rainbow Sentinel: Sunburst
  6. There /is/ an option to subscribe to "Youtube Premium," fyi--it basically means you never have to watch commercials. As often as I'm on YT, it's worth the fee!
  7. The biggest disconnect for me is that the music that's actually paired with the game will be an orchestral version of the metal album, if I understand it correctly. Not symphonic metal (which I love), but just an orchestra cover. The clip I heard sounds great, but wasn't what I was expecting when I heard "heavy metal RPG"! I mean, I'm still going to back it...Wizards and the more modern Sorcerers were always more my jam, but I can get behind those people who get their powers through making risky deals!
  8. I saw an ad for that but hadn't checked it out yet! There's just something about a spooky carnival...
  9. Why should the Dice subforum have all the fun? Here are several RPG Kickstarters that have caught my eye recently: The Complete Curse of Roslof campaign: talk about old school--these folks have a cottage industry going of creating 90's era "orange binder" books, complete with gorgeous cover art. This most recent project involves a huge dungeon crawl, but they've got other titles I'm picking up as well. Legends of Avallen: a Celtic-Roman TTRPG: Yeah, I know, another European fantasy RPG, but this one looks to bring its own flavor to a crowded genre. It's actually being written by a
  10. Once I learned Token Shields were being retired, I knew I had to get one more. Galaxy stain turned out to be a good choice!
  11. I held off as well--pretty, but not pretty /enough/ for me to get more dice to sit alongside the dice I already own!
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