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  1. Finally took a chop saw to the manzanita burl we got at my buddy’s ranch. Still need to fill with resin for the gaps. But it should make some epic stuff!
  2. We can agree to disagree. The minis have vile themes, that is for certain. But it's also part of the lore for the world. I can understand if nightmare horror isn't your thing, You probably didn't back games such as Deep Madness either. But you're missing out some incredible gameplay mechanics.
  3. Kingdom Death Monster. So much crazy lore, the mechanics are amazing, and most of all the minis are dope.
  4. So in 5e, a ranger is kinda meh. Is the hunter in pathfinder really good? Or is that Konas is cheating?
  5. That’s awesome, I bet she was stoked! That sounds like a lot of fun. Glad to hear that the new player is going all out! What’s the makeup of your group?
  6. Dude, how is your pathfinder game going!? How many people? is it the same screen that was made for the Kickstarter? Or was it made out of a different wood?
  7. Id probably go with the spalted tamarind screen. (3rd drawer, and not pictured). I had never seen spalted with that color variation before, and I love running sessions behind it!
  8. It would be really awesome if the DMG team did a four horsemen screen! I think they could do a lot with it artistically!
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