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  1. If you get a Brontausaurus the first season, it gives you lots of points, so the opponents sould try aquatic dinosaurs, they give also nice victory points, also some new building.
  2. It's adding more possibilities in the game play, more dinosaurs, making so different park every game. Adding more manipulation and breaking news cards, you won't see the same card too often in different game.
  3. Learning Dinogenics with Chaos and Coco
  4. very soon, just tired from the restaurant with a need of cooks, having some good evening
  5. Just received my Dinoblivion and made some solos
  6. Almost used in every games, and my set up always looks awesome with DMG gears when I post it on popular gaming groups.
  7. having Snow thursday last week and over 90°F all this week
  8. Mike was really happy when I've won the game on the Meeple University's live. My daugther will received a part because I only need the expansion LOL
  9. I'm in 4 giveaway for this kickstarter, 2 for the all-in (BGR, Meeple University) and 2 for saber tray (Breaking Games).
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