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  1. Hah, I hear you. Shipping costs really suck. We MAY do a free international shipping sale later this month but haven't decided yet. Meeples and Dragons was thinking about putting in another order as well....keep your fingers crossed.
  2. Looks great! Thanks so much for posting here. How was it working with Meeples and Dragons?
  3. These are great. Thanks so much.
  4. These look amazing! Great work. The faces kinda remind me of Mister Bill from SNL
  5. Good question. Anything that we do for the WoD games has to be approved by White Wolf. I am hoping that we can do something for Werewolf in the future. Feel free to share any ideas you have, we'd love to hear them!
  6. Nice. Do you have pans for another one shot? I am guessing it would be for next holiday season...
  7. So cool to see them all together. That queen is the shit. Nice work. Doesn't it feel good to have them all lined up like that?
  8. These are very cool. Love to see a pic of them all on the table during game play. That's what makes it all worth it.
  9. There will always be someone better. Always. Don't let it get you down. You've come a long way already, just keep pushing.
  10. Looks really great. Amazing detail and love the color changes on the wings. Yes, it is probably the cell phones fault on the pics.
  11. Greart! Can't wait to see her painted. Keep sharing them.
  12. I like how you approached these. Very subtle color changes look very good.
  13. These look great. How many are there in the set?
  14. Backed it already! Love the setting and the gameplay.
  15. We have a 'Gallery' link at the bottom of our site that is organically loaded with our most viewed in stock items. That could be a good place to peruse as well. https://www.dogmight.com/gallery
  16. This is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Love seeing the names of these.
  17. Excellent. I'm subbed to about 35 channels. All free. There are some great DM advice channels out there. Mini painting ones as well. I also like terrain crafting ones as well. Taking 20, Black Magic Craft, Dungeoncraft, Shut up and sit down, and Tabletop Minions are all channels I really dig.
  18. You can only subscribe to series that you want to follow. I don't think you get an email when new episodes drop but they will be shown in your feed when you open youtube. I have never paid for anything on youtube. Subscriptions are free. The producers get money from advertising only I believe when they get a high level of subs. I am no expert but I think I am correct.
  19. The Red Opera is the one I am looking forward to the most. Warlocks and Heavy Metal....sounds like my 20s. 😋
  20. The overalls look great! Keep pushing it with the wet blending. Minis can take a huge amount of contrast due to their small size. Try it on a mini you don't NEED for a game and go 3 steps further than you ever have before. Low risk, high reward.
  21. I think you made the right choice. The colors feel very ghostly.
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