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  1. Wow, thanks for the coupon code DMG Appreciate it immensely. You have no idea how cool this stuff is going to look when I start bringing it to my LARP.
  2. I've actually fallen out of Netrunner. The community collapsed here so I stopped playing (could have continued online through Jinteki.net but didn't). As for Agricola, those expansions are just for the All Creatures 2 player version. Standard Agricola, I only have the core game (pre-reboot). I actually have only played Mice and Mystics solo though...
  3. I thought it might be fun, for those so inclined, for all us Barkers and/or Viking Lumberjacks to post links to our Board Game Geek profile if you have one. Maybe you'll see a game in their list you've thought about picking up and can ask about it! If you don't have a Board Game Geek or RPG Geek account, it's just a database website letting you track what games you have and log plays. I know, I already created a thread about showing our board game rooms, but sometimes that doesn't encompass the full collection. I thought this would be a cool way to share. I also put the link to my
  4. This reorganization is how MOST forums I visit work. It's good to have things categorized. There's plenty of sections I never read in other forums. Also, for those complaining about having to navigate a few clicks, just go to your most visited sub-forum and make a bookmark in your browser for it, and click that instead!
  5. Agreed, the throne video was hilarious. Sadly I'm probably done with KS for a while...finances...
  6. A few years ago, I decided to do that thing where I drove home Christmas Eve to see my parents without them knowing I was coming. I stealthily asked them a week before if they were planing on going anywhere (Rolled Subterfuge +5). Once I knew they would be staying home, I drove 5 hours home and arrived at 8pm or so Christmas Eve. I rang the doorbell, and my dad came to answer. As soon as he saw me he burst out laughing, then opened the door and gave me the biggest hug I can remember giving me since I graduated college. "Merry Christmas dad," I said, with a s***eating grin on my f
  7. I'm actually waiting with baited breath for Legends of Andor Part III: The Last Hope. My group for it has completed the first game, the expansion mission, and just started Journey to the North last week. After that one's done, we can continue on to this! (Haven't tried the bonus missions on their website though). https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/198287/legends-andor-last-hope
  8. There's always Champions of Midgard. Similar to Stone Age (worker placement + dice rolling). Good happy medium of complexity. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/172287/champions-midgard
  9. Had a similar experience with Code Names classic, where in round 1, guess 1, the guy picks the assassin because he put the clue completely differently in his head than any of us expected. Give me some time to think about what my WORST defeat was though...
  10. Those shots of Spice Road really show off the usefulness of those stands!
  11. Since I don't really play tabletop RPGs with minis anymore, a lot of your products designed to hold minis are out for me. Favorite for me as a board game fiend is the CoCo, and when I get it I will show you just how excited I am.
  12. Following up here: I want to know how this went!? Did your new apprentices enjoy it and level up to seasoned gamer level?
  13. I'm so glad this thread exists. When I get my CoCos, I will post so many pics.
  14. I mentioned Numenera (a tabletop RPG) in a previous post. Looks like Monte Cook Games are giving it an overhaul, and is being launched on Kickstarter:
  15. Ah. I play a lot of RPGs now that don't require tactical play mats.
  16. I've never really been a fan of dice towers. They look cool and everything, but I like the feel of rolling them myself rather then feeling like I'm inserting dice into machine which then spits out a result. Same reason I refuse to use digital dice rollers on my phone.
  17. Seconding everything Ian has said. I've been watching Tabletop since the beginning, and quite a lot of those games have made it into my collection. The vast majority of the titles they play are fantastic gateway games for new board game players, and they do a good job showing a variety of game styles. I had Codenames before they played it on Tabletop, and it's a wonderful group game, breaking the mold of "impress the judge" party games. Some games I just picked up that are fairly recent releases and light-but-good are Sagrada (where you build stained glass windows using a grid
  18. Towers of Ruin isn't the name of the game. It's Thunderstone: Advance, a remake of the original Thunderstone. Towers of Ruin is basically a subtitle, and there are expansions with similar names. It's a deckbuilder, and pretty cool.
  19. @Serge Darveau That's impressive. I have in fact been to the walled town of Carcassonne, and it was beautiful.
  20. Meet Teridan Cerydian, Master of Games and Entertainment! I play in a boffer medieval fantasy LARP (Live Action RolePlaying game). I decided that rather then make a heroic hero of heroism, I was going to essentially create a town personality character. In most RPG video games these days, like Fable or The Witcher, there is a unique minigame to that world for the player to play or gamble in. As an avid board gamer, I decided to create just that. Someone usually has a chess board or a deck of standard playing cards at a LARP. I wanted to bring something truly unique, and insert some of
  21. I thought people might like to share pics of what there home game room looks like, and to display their collections. Or perhaps those of you who already have Dog Might productions would care to show their creations in action at game night. Sadly, my setup is a single shelf of games (though I got some BitBoxes that are holding a significant portion of my collection, perfect for a small apartment). This is a picture of a portion of it, I have a bunch more. In my next post, however, you'll see what I'm truly proud of.
  22. Could an individual sleeve be fitted with the magnets? I don't know if I can go full tilt and get a bone box, but I'd enjoy a sleeve that's compatible with the CoCo
  23. Benge is, in my opinion the best middle-of-the-road wood option out of everything. It's a dark, rich color that looks great with the grain, and is still pretty affordable. That's why both of mine use it.
  24. Well, it's done. DONE. I wound up getting 2. I wanted to keep myself at 1 but after the addition of the L tile that proved impossible. I wanted to get at least 1 of everything, and have a few to pass out to players. So I present to you my final configurations, both in Benge wood so I could mix them and not have to bring them ALL every time: "The P&P" (Player & Party) Collector: 5x Double tiles to pass out to players for simple storage options, and Deck, Reverse Deck, and Slots for light card games that play lots of people, or even games for standard decks of cards lik
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