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  1. For some reason I'm not allowed to edit the post anymore for cleanness and fixing of spelling errors...I did it on my phone and I'm regretting doing it that way. Also, I forgot to mention that in the Quad is my Compass die for direction, my custom D10 from the 10th Anniversary of my college's gaming convention, and my hand painted 2d6 that I got in Spain (either glass or stone, can't tell)
  2. It’s here! My Benge Dragon dice tower has arrived to complete my Benge wood CoCo + Tower combo. So worth it. In any of you wondered, yes I went heavy on theme Here’s the front, and only when I looked closely did I realize that mine was the one pictured on Update 15 for the project! As you can see, it can hold my entire set of (what I call) my Olympic Poly set of bronze, silver, and gold dice. Not metal, and thats 21 dice! Ready to go, along with its companion CoCo tray that is the only sculpted tray I got. Naturally, a Dragon tower and tray must ne used with
  3. Three Kingdoms (Redux) This game is 3 player ONLY, which is unusual. It documents the bid for power between the Wei, Wu, and Shu dynasties in old China. Worker placement/bidding. I used all but 2 trays of my two CoCos, and they wound up holding all the components PERFECTLY, and as you can see, Three Kingdoms has a lot of components! Full board set up at the start of the game, with the supply a then individual player trays in front of each of us. A close up of my personal trays. I ALWAYS take the dragon when I use my CoCos, because it's special. A close
  4. Royals Area control where you influence the nobles of various countries across several different periods of time. For this I used the "everybody gets one" CoCo I got so everyone could get one of the double wells, and am also utilizing DMG's card stands
  5. Man, all the cool starfleet battle games need painting...I suck at painting...
  6. A game of Royals at my friendly local game store, featuring DMG card stands and my pass-them-out-to-players CoCo tiles
  7. Robinson Crusoe One of the most brutal cooperative games ever conceived, we are marooned on an island and must survive long enough to be rescued by a passing ship.
  8. I have a picture of them in use for Pandemic Legacy, but spoilers. And I have only actually played Near and Far ONCE...to my displeasure. I chose it for the pic because I remember it having a lot of components so I wanted to get a good example for that display. I need to capture them actually in use more often! I have used them so far in: Five Tribes, Ticket to Ride, Pulsar 2849, Gaia Project, Dice Forge (for storing stripped dice faces), Pillers of the Earth, Ethnos, and Dice Town. More games to follow this weekend!
  9. The CoCos are HERE! I got 2 in Benge wood. I got them lest friday and have so far used them for every game I've put on the table this week. They're working great, thank you DMG On the left, my Pass-em-Around CoCo, and the right is the Bank/Personal one. The Bank/Personal gives me a variety of tiles for all different game tokens, whether to use as a back or as an individual organizer. The Pass-em-Around is meant so that every player (up to 5) can get their own little tile with the two wells and also a card stand for hidden objectives/rolls. The Deck and Card
  10. These look gorgeous. Perhaps along a long edge, put little grooves for built-in card stands?
  11. Shifting gears, anyone interesting in watching the World Cup even though the US didn't qualify?
  12. Just the dice. Someday...someday.
  13. Went and got a 5 pack of card stands. I couldn't justify it to myself...then they went on sale. So what started as just component collectors has become...well...a DMG collection. Once everything is here there will be pics. P.S. I was showing off your Adv Case, Dragon Sleeve and Hero Sleeve at my convention this past weekend and everyone was very impressed. A couple of people there who said the work with wood gushed over them.
  14. From September through this past Tuesday, some friends and I played Legends of Andor each week, going from beginning to end across all 3 main games (17 total missions). We had a repeat a few due to losing, so we played roughly 20 games. There were weeks i simply didn't bother putting it away. We are about to start Pandemic Legacy as our next co-op continuity excursion. Wish us luck!
  15. Whoops, yep it's Black Walnut (I couldn't remember the name). Can't figure out how to edit the post so I'm just replying.
  16. Thanks! I don't own any minis so I wanted the minis slot specifically to hold different dice instead. in that case is: Carcassone: Dice Modus/Kano (which is 3 games in one group of pieces) Love Letter Roll For It (and 6 sets of mini-dice for it in a tray I had that happens to fit inside perfectly) Pairs Left Center Right The red and white pegs for a bunch of little wooden games I have and the boards are elsewhere. Metal balls for some handheld tilty mazes.
  17. Those tiles, and the black and white cone shaped things next to them, create 3 different abstract strategy games that collectively are known as "Karo" but was renamed by the Marbles Brain Store as "Modus." The tiles get arranged into three different boards, and the cones are the pieces in each game that follow different rules. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/21991/karo
  18. You bet! The other pics appearing on this thread have been fantastic as well.
  19. So now that I have 3 DMG things, I thought I'd finally post them to show them off! Photo Dump GO! First of all, my Adventure Case in dark walnut. I went with the flaming sword because I thought it would look great closed or set up as the GM screen because it doesn't matter if it's upside down! I attend a medieval LARP, and my character runs a gaming table in the tavern as a business, so naturally I intend to bring my adventure case as a cool box to hold games in, rather than keep it at home holding dice. Here it is with 6 full microgames and pieces for a couple o
  20. That Boco is the same wood my CoCo will be coming in, and my dice tower...awesome!
  21. Oh my goodness....I have wanted wooden poly dice for AGES! Will this be another Kckstarter? Hype Hype Hype
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