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  1. I'm sure Jaemus will be quite envious. I'm jealous of everyone that is getting one so I'm going to have to fix that and pick one up for myself as well.
  2. I'm so excited for people to recieve these new towers.
  3. New Episode of Unleashed just dropped. Check out the sweet new Lantern Dice Tower and hear us talk about kicking Hitler's ass. I'm a big fan of these new towers. My current favorite is the owl design. Which ones do yall like?
  4. Yup..an end table. I needed something I could finish in one maker day. Too.many unfinished projects
  5. I'm sure we can definitely get some more content up here in a few weeks
  6. All hail The Fire Dragon ! I'm glad you're happy with your player pad Barb
  7. Valhalla screen accessories to please the fiery one
  8. Aaron hard at work making Fire Dragon Player Pads
  9. I told Paris that sprinkling maple shaving on himself would protect him from The Fire Dragon's wrath
  10. I saw Jaemus' name on the list and wondered if it was the same one I've seen you mention. I'm looking forward to helping him follow The Fire Dragon via his player pad
  11. Anne, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that is noticing The Fire Dragon's presence. Maybe people will finally start to believe
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