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  1. @Barb Bliss Thank you for all the detail!! Great to hear that you find them a good weight and size for long sessions, that was one of my biggest questions. I think that size will work for me, too. Also sounds like the wire is very intelligently designed, per DMG's usual, and I'm glad to hear that the cork is replaceable. The dog in your photo looks great! Sounds like you've been having a great time with the painting handles. @WxCougar Thanks for info! Glad to hear it's comfortable for you and that even a large mini is holding on securely with just the tack and cork, very promising
  2. Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well! For those who have mini painters, I have a few questions: 1. What are the exact dimensions, and how does it feel in your hand after a few hours of painting? I am an extremely small woman and am wondering if the handles might be too big for me to hold comfortably over long periods. 2. Have you had any issues accessing the parts of the mini that are slightly obscured by the finger rest? 3. If you needed to replace the cork eventually, would that be possible? 4. Any issues with sticky tack holding heavy metal minis securely to
  3. @Zoe Sweet! I didn't know padauk could get that dark and still be clearly red, even with sun. Wood is so cool!
  4. So many great pics here! I love the contrasts on that kingwood token shield. I just came back from Origins with a lovely little pile of 4 card stands from DMG's $5 shelf! I'm looking forward to using them when I get my Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy game going. The bolivian rosewood on the bottom is one I ordered a few months back, and the new bubinga one matches it perfectly, but the others are all slightly different shapes and sizes. It's pretty cool - I guess card stands are a good teaching tool for apprentices and/or good for experiments. Also - what wood is
  5. Oh, how cool, pictures of the dragon fire dice chest in progress! I loved that one and the neonpunk one with their really well-done smooth color transitions. Lots of fantastic pics in here, thanks for sharing! My favorite woods are bolivian rosewood and bubinga, but @Josh, if you don't have a favorite wood for aesthetics, what's the coolest stain you've ever done for aesthetics, and what's your favorite stain to do from a woodworking perspective?
  6. The contrasts on this piece and the ripples of the top grain are a joy to behold. The straight vs. ripple especially looks fantastic together. I am so glad this was a normal-size sheath, I really don't need to spend any more money with moving almost upon me. On a similar note, is this GM system BoRo? If so, is this mine, or did someone else special order a BoRo GM system with vines sculpt??? This question has been haunting me for weeks...
  7. Thanks for the advice! I usually use the shove-and-open method for my normal sentinel and it works great. I was just surprised by how much easier the beveled opening was in comparison.
  8. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like the pics and the fox. (And glad you like the KDM, tgpumpkin - I got lucky and landed an early bird slot on the second KDM kickstarter and have been addicted ever since, but it would probably have been too expensive for me to take the plunge without the kickstarter price). On a side note, after using the black walnut sentinel tonight for our weekly KDM I learned that the center bevels make it much easier to open than the traditional format. The magnets are still pretty strong, but I don't have to wrestle with it at all like I sometimes do my bubinga
  9. My latest Dog Might order came in today! I'm super happy with everything, and DMG did a great job straightening out the top cut on the black walnut sentinel. Even in person I can't tell it was ever uneven. They don't seem super popular, but I for one really like the beveling and framing effects DMG has been doing lately. They add a touch of class without obscuring the grain. So here's my new KDM loadout. The card stand was made by my friend/KDM partner who dabbles in woodworking (he's going to stain and finish it later to match my dining table), and the gear grids and token holder ar
  10. So I have a question for those with large dragon sheath collections: how do the dimensions (height, specifically) of your slimline dragon sheaths compare to the XL sheaths and the beveled sheaths? I'm wondering if the XLs and the beveleds will fit inside a GM system, or if they're like the regular dragon sheaths which are too big.
  11. ...A fox! That's beautiful, Rosie! I really love the wood grain on that piece. And the color scheme, to the surprise of no one. Also, I'm really late on this, but your collections are amazing @RomyCat and @Jabubuck. I really like the benge theme you have going, Jabubuck, and Romy, your valhalla screen photo is fantastic (bonus points for the cute cat)!
  12. Those are gorgeous, Thomas Browne! That bocote is really unique. @Barb Bliss Oh dear, all fear the Konasphere! (But do so while cackling over your wooden pretties! We don't need to eat anyway... right?) @Konas Take all the ideas you want! Especially if there's a minute chance they end in more cool DMG offerings.
  13. Thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed poking through this thread to get ideas, and figured that now I have a piece it was my turn to share. I'll post pics whenever my GM system gets in, too! (Though that might be a while, there's no rush on it!) Just curious, are there any plans to make add-ons like shelves and pencil holders for the GM systems, or are those going to stay Valhalla screen-only?
  14. Got my first Dog Might purchase in this week, a gorgeous bubinga and wenge sentinel! It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be, plus it fits 100% perfectly in the Kingdom Death: Monster box. Thank you so much Dog Might team, and special thanks to Zoe and Rosie for taking extra care to make sure it turned out exactly how I wanted! :D (It's a little redder in person than it is in the photos!)
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