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  1. Forest guardian kickstarter came in the other day finally got to try it. I messed up the rules but it seems like a decent easy quick game. I managed a win 28-22. We just played the basic rules not the advanced and not with the expansion. Took about 50 minutes including setup and reading the rules.
  2. Cat Knights by Blood Carrot Knights, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126421571/cat-knights-by-blood-carrot-knights?ref=android_project_share
  3. I can't do a quarter of that in a whole day of painting lol
  4. Oh it gets bonus points for being a Canadian based project
  5. That looks pretty cool going to check it out now. The wife has backed a few things lately think she did 4 last week. I'm going to back the 7 the continent and set a watch I think.
  6. i dont think i can justify the cost though
  7. You use to be able to get email notifications not sure if it's still an option I turned it off immediately lol. Black magic craft is great and Canadian i really like Matt Colville and his running the game series.
  8. It looks so good but I haven't gotten to play my humblewood set yet so am trying to hold off from backing heckna.
  9. I'll just leave this here... https://adventuredice.ca/product/DV109001/ I might get my self a standard 24 day one don't think I need 24 more sets of dice.
  10. I don't know who the girl is. They look good. Your really going through them quickly.
  11. It looks thin enough shouldn't be to hard.
  12. That's not bad. Will have to see if it will work for any of my collections. Alot of them have atleast a few tall figures or models with pointy things sticking up lol
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