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  1. Chapter 3: Humphrey and the Haunted Village


    Yesterday was another amazing day where we blew past 20k and welcomed another 61 backers to our adventure!

    Things heated up yesterday for our dynamic duo, but the backers pulled them through with almost 300 comments! Working together, backers were able to unlock the Red Heart Boulder for everyone!


    To unlock today’s stretch goal, we need 30 backers to make a comment. See the details below!

    Today we are inviting all backers, new and old, to join in the fun and help our heroes discover the source behind the monstrous corruption that is turning the forest into a dark version of itself!


    Chapter 3: Humphrey and the Haunted Village

    “Give me back my Lumberjack Juice you mangy mutt!” Puzz yelled as Sawdust ran into the gloom clutching the leather bladder in his mouth. Puzz took off after him through the trees, muttering many curses and threats about how warm dog fur was inside boots.


    When Sawdust finally slowed down, Puzz ran up and snatched the bladder from his jaws. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but you’ve got to remember who’s in charge here Sir Mutt” Puzz wheezed. He flipped the cork out of the bladder and drank deeply while looking at his surroundings. Sawdust had led him to the gates of Hoof Town, a small village of Yak Folk that they had both lived in years ago. In fact, Puzz had found Sawdust shivering in his namesake as a puppy right behind the old Hoof & Ale Tavern. His best friend Humphrey still lived here in fact and the town had always been a sort of sanctuary to them both. 



    It was hard for Puzz to reconcile the happy bustling village he remembered from last time with the wreck he saw before him. Instead of cheery lanterns twinkling in the darkness, there were dark gaping holes of broken doors and smashed windows. The drunk Yak drinking songs that always came from the Tavern were silent this night and even the animals seemed to have a hushed quality. The same eerie mist clung to ground and weaved in and out of doorways in a way that seemed inconsistent with the slight breeze.

    Creeping forward on silent paws and feet, the two of them slowly stepped down the main street. The destruction was even worse near the center of town and there was a constant presence of slime and mist. Heading towards the Hoof & Ale Puzz searched for signs of the Yak folk but could find only confusing tracks and abandoned items. The whole place seemed to have turned into a ghost town overnight and had no trace of bodies or blood.

    The Tavern was proved to be the worst scene of chaos. They must have gathered here at some point before….what? Puzz thought to himself as he surveyed the room. Table and chairs had been turned to rubble and broken ceramics covered the floor. The only trace that Yak folk had been here were deep hoof shaped scrapes along the walls and floors and a giant broken horn embedded in one wall. Puzz walked up and pulled the horn out, wiping the slime away with his shirt. The horn was curved with massive black sections that would have curled around the side of the head. Near the tip of the horn was a golden ring that caused Puzz’s stomach to do a flip. The ring belonged the Humphrey and had been a gift from Puzz when they were children. He had found it in the woods just in time for Humphrey’s name day ceremony and the Yak had worn it ever since. He held the horn out to Sawdust and asked, “can you find him?”.

    Sawdust took a strong wiff of the horn. It smelled wrong, like the smell of rot in food, but underneath he could smell the Yak who had always been kind to him. Casting his nose to the ground he led Puzz to the back of the building where a giant hole gapped in the wall. Through that hole he led them, out of the building and through winding streets of mud. Until they reached an old shop that smelled like metal.

    Puzz looked up and saw they were at the Hoof & Iron, Humphrey’s blacksmith shop. He could tell that something horrible had happened here as well. The strong oak door that normally greets customers to the shop, swung on one hinge slamming open and shut...open and shut...the noise seemed too loud in the dead silence of this ghost town. The windows reflected the moonlight like a blank stare and the slimy hoofprints turn into spots of broken tinder as the trail lead up into the darkness of the shop.



    Sawdust and Puzz crept forward, up the small wooden porch and towards the swinging door. They managed not to step on any of the loose or warped floorboards and nothing creaked to give away their steps. When they reached the front door Puzz put out a hand and stopped it from slamming shut again. But the thump...thump....thump noise continued. Inside the shop various farming equipment and iron tools were on display. Buckets of nails, screws, and tacks lined the walls but many of them had been knocked over. The cashier's bar was covered in an immense amount of slime but looked otherwise untouched. The wall behind the bar was made from a leather curtain that blocked the sight of the forge behind. Slime dripped from that curtain as it swayed in the gentle night breeze. The unnatural mist was seeping out from behind the curtain into the shop. The sound seems to be coming from the forge but Puzz couldn’t see what is causing it. Sawdust sniffed and whined quietly, moving behind his master, and peeking out from between his legs at the stirring curtain.

    As Puzz pushed the curtain to the side with his axe he could see the forge is running hotter then he'd ever seen it. The steel around the iron was starting to warp and curl away from the flames. A figure with his back turned to Puzz is hunched over the anvil pounding rhythmically with massive blows of an enormous hammer. He called out Humphrey’s name and it echoed around the chamber.

    Upon hearing the words cross Puzz's lips, Humphrey turned his huge body toward the ranger. His visage was unnerving and Puzz barely recognized the Yak he once was. His face was twisted and bleeding, while the green ooze puddled below him. The same ichor spewed out of his broken horn. Every muscle in his body was tense and twitching uncontrollably. His, normally dirty but well cared for, apron was inside out and covered with the unholy slime. In his hands, artist's hands that once were used to create works of art, he held the traditional forge tongs. In his other, a massive hammer. Caught in the clutches of the tongs was a sword, or at least, a wretched example of what could be called one. The hunk of metal was red hot and smoking as it cooled and hardened. To the normal design, Humphrey had added massive gnarled spikes, that sprouted out of the blade in a chaotic fashion. The overall silhouette resembled a strange, spiked club more than the perfectly balanced swords this smith is known for producing. For the briefest of moments, Puzz thought he saw a glimmer in the eye of the Yak he once knew. The feeling lasting only an instant as the unfamiliar beast before him dropped his hammer to the wood floor with a boom and flicked the mangled sword out of the tongs and into the smoke-filled air, then caught it with his other hoofed hand, his skin sizzled as the molten blade comes to a rest. The tongs fell to the ground as the monster that once was Humphrey lifts the blade above his head and let out a tremendous roar, kicking his right foot into the sooty ground like a bull about to charge….



    Puzz looks around for something to help his friend!

    We need people to list 30 ingredients to quickly create a cure for Humphrey!

    Backers can submit one ingredient each.

    If Puzz and Sawdust succeed, then we will unlock the Whitetail Antler and Amber with Jet Inlay Dice!

  2. Chapter 2: A Dire Situation


    I can’t believe I’m typing this but we had almost 200 backers and nearly 300 comments on the first day! That is one of the most insane starts to a project we’ve ever had, and I would like to thank each and every one of you! Our Campaign within a Campaign has been a huge success and so many people joined in the fun to save our heroes Puzz Longbeard and Sawdust from the vicious Dire Squirrel attack! Here is what our heroic backers achieved last night


    • Blood Wood Dice was unlocked after Backers were able to defeat the swarm of Dire Squirrels. This will be a new wood option for dice and the project page will be updated today.

    • Backers helped Puzz discover a mysterious magical item that is hidden behind a powerful illusion spell. To unlock this magical item our dynamic duo will need help. We will need 5 people to post either on our Forums, Twitter, or Facebook of a pic of whatever they think magical wood looks like. Make sure to post it with the Hashtag #PuzzesMagicalWood if you do social media so we can find it! We’ve already had multiple posts on our forums and need only 3 more to unlock the secrets of this magical item. You can post on the forums here: dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/195-puzzs-magical-wood-ks-posts/

    • 2 lucky Backers received Odin’s Blessing due to amazing role playing in the campaign. Who might receive such an honor today?

    Chapter 2: A Dire Situation

    As Sawdust reared back from the oncoming horde of Dire Squirrels, Puzz released a mighty roar in defiance of the swarm and their unnaturalness in the grove of trees he'd planted years ago. As he let loose his cry, he swung down with his ax at the nearest dire squirrel just as it tried to bite his faithful, if frightened, companion. His ax separated the skull of this unfortunate creature from its spine as it connected with a crunch, sending specs of blood to the nearby bloodwoods. Awoken from his fear by the skull flying past him, Sawdust growled menacingly before launching himself into the fray to knock a dire squirrel from one of the nearby tree branches as it prepared to jump onto Puzz from above. As the swarm of Dire Squirrels fell upon him Puzz lifted his axe high into the air and yelled “Sawdust drive them to me”. He began to turn with his axe in circles faster and faster until he blurred like a hairy tornado. Sawdust snapped and growled as he drove the squirrels into his master’s attack.



    Puzz laughed as he yelled “is that all you’ve got you mangy tree mice?” but his laughter died in his throat as the dire squirrels fell back and began acting strange. They swarmed all over one another, standing on each other’s shoulders and locking teeth to tail. Until, as one, they all stood into what looked like a giant deformed hairy beast. A squirrel with jet black fur and blood red eye, who stood as the head of the creature squeaked “Bring me their nuts!” the monstrosity roared with an unholy sound of a hundred enraged squirrels and charged. Swinging it’s massive forearm into Puzz, it threw him against one of the bloodwood trees and the axe fell limp from his hand. Looking up at the hurt human who had been his charge all this time, Sawdust reached deep into his canine heart, digging deeper and deeper until he felt the ancient feral instincts honed and sharpened by his ancestors. Growling furiously, he leaped on the monstrous squirrel, pulling it to the ground and off his charge, his helpless human unable to react to what was happening. His fans digging deeply into the monster’s flesh, he whipped his head from side to side, warm blood running from his mouth, until he finally threw the malicious creature to the side knocking many of the squirrels out of formation and causing them to flee. Raising himself up to his full stature and deepening his growl, he moved in front of Puzz, making sure to shield him from the monsters as best he could. As the monster charged again Sawdust made a great leap and tore the large black squirrel from the shoulders of the beast, thrashing it like his favorite toy back home. The other squirrels instantly fell from formation and fled injured back into the treetops and away from our heroes.

    Puzz lifted himself back onto his feet and rubbed Sawdust’s ears “good job buddy, you’ll get an extra treat tonight” he said. As he examined the dead squirrels around him, he realized there was no blood on his axe, just a clear liquid that seemed to have no taste or smell. With concern he turned back to the bloodwood tree and finished what they had come here to do. After tying it up a few bundles and stashing them under a nearby log he decided to do some more investigating. Dire squirrels were a story used to frighten children and he was more then a little disconcerted to discover they might actually exist. Looking around he noticed Sawdust eating something at the root of a nearby tree. Reaching down he discovered it was an old baloney sandwich that he must have left here some time ago. “Share and share alike buddy” he said as he tried to pull some of the treasure away. He quickly reached his hand back from Sawdust’s mouth to avoid a well timed snap and he felt it brush against something ice cold. It seemed to be coming from a knot in the tree. As his fingers moved over it, it snapped off causing icy daggers of pain into his palm. He quickly transferred it to his rucksack to ponder over later.



    Sawdust looked up at his master’s quick movement. He hadn’t meant to actually scare him with that playful snap. That’s when he noticed something strange in the tree tops above. In the coming darkness of night he could see a slimy green glow coming from the treetops and leading away into deeper parts of the forest. It was the same direction those bad tree mice had gone. Turning his head to look at the sight of his victorious battle he could see more of the green glowing slime all over the bodies of the bad tree mice. His master hadn’t seemed to notice it at all and Sawdust thought that was very strange. Walking over he dipped his paw into the goo and smeared it on his master’s leg.

    Puzz kept pushing Sawdust away from him as the dog seemed to be set on smearing his snot all over him. “That’s disgusting bud even for you” he yelled as he tried to dodge another swipe. Sawdust growled and barked, looking up into the trees. Puzz followed his gaze, looking up into the treetops against a starry sky but saw nothing. “Looks like the trail ends here bud, lets get back home” he said as he turned and picked up his axe. He gave a yelp as Sawdust drove into him, knocking him to the ground “what the hell?” he cried as he saw Sawdust rip his bladder of Lumberjack juice from his waist and sped into the dark forest. Puzz scrambled to his feet and started chase deeper into the dark shadows of the forest…

  3. Here are the updates from the last two days 


    Thanks to everyone for joining us on this "dicey" adventure! We've already funded and we couldn't be more thrilled to finally get to share this project with the world. We have so many awesome things planned for this campaign starting with the launch of our interactive Puzz Longbeard and Sawdust's Bad Day RPG adventure. Here is the welcome blurb in case you missed it in your KS message box:

    We’re excited to announce something very special that will be happening during the Artifact Dice KS! Every day the project is open we will be running a live RPG campaign through the Kickstarter that all backers can participate in. Backers will be able to vote, roll dice, suggest actions, and otherwise completely control our heroes Puzz Longbeard the ranger and his animal companion, Sawdust, by posting in the comments section of the KS. Instead of Stretch Goals we will be unlocking all sorts of new goodies through this campaign! What this means is every time Puzz and Sawdust discover new loot and treasure during their adventures our Backers will also get loot and treasure! The more people who contribute their dice rolls and suggestions the faster everyone accumulates new stuff! So make sure to share the project and get new people on board. We will be doing an update every day that summarizes what happened to our heroes the day before and gives backers new choices and challenges! 

    Without further ado let us begin our story....


    Puzz Longbeard’s and Sawdust’s Bad Day

    Small animals fell from their nests in shock as a thunderous bellow shattered the silence of the forest. Puzz Longbeard drew another giant breath of the cool air and gave an even louder yell into the morning mist. Puzz had always been proud of his hollering and had never met another ranger, lumberjack, or anyone else for that matter, that could do it as loud or as long. It was important to let the world know you were awake and he found it an invigorating way to start each morning. Looking around he searched for his companion Sawdust, finally spotting him with his head inside a log in a failed attempt to muffle the noise. “C'mon you coward, it’s finally time to harvest the bloodwood trees we planted a few years back. He walked over and in one swift motion pulled Sawdust from the log and swung him under his arm.

    They made quite a sight as they walked through the ancient forest. Although Puzz was human he had often been mistaken for part giant. Standing at over 6 feet tall he had a barrel like chest with ample dark curly hair poking out of a threadbare green shirt. A bow was slung across his back and in one hand he held a massive axe that was nearly as tall as he was. Under the other arm hung a scrappy orange dog with a white belly. Large ears flopped over the dog’s eyes every time Puzz took a step and around the dog’s neck was a piece of bark tied with a string. It had been a gift from the local Orc tribe after Puzz had defeated their champion wrestling bear. The bark was carved with the word Sawdust although neither knew this, due to one of them being illiterate and the other being unable to see it.

    Puzz smiled as they walked down the familiar trail to the bloodwood grove. He had been a ranger in this forest all his life and knew every part of it like his own soul. To make ends meet he occasionally harvested the rare trees that grew here and sold them to a small company near Mi-chee-gan. Apparently, they made good money turning large pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood. This time they had sent a pigeon to request some blood wood for an impressive price of 5 barrels of Jerky. That much Jerky would last Puzz and Sawdust almost a solid month. Bloodwood grew in one of the deepest parts of the forest and he hadn’t been there in years but, for that kind of trade, he was willing to make the hike.

    The two of them walked like this for most of the day, coming upon the bloodwood grove as twilight began to fall across the forest. The trees seemed eerily silent so Puzz began singing as he chose his tree and brought his axe over his shoulder, preparing a mighty blow to the base of the trunk.

    He tightened his grip on the ash handle and breathed deeply, thinking of the sticky blood like sap that he’d soon have all over him when something heavy fell on his shoulder. Glancing behind him he saw that it was a red squirrel. Being the friend of all woodland creatures, except of course bears, he reached over to rub its head. Shrieking, it sank its fangs deep into his fingers and he yowled as he shook it off into a nearby pile of leaves. Cursing he lifted his axe to once again strike at the tree, but felt Sawdust cower against his legs and whimper. Catching movement out of the corner of his eyes he looked up and saw dozens of squirrels. As he continued to look up he realized something was wrong. They seemed larger then they should, with deformed overbites causing fangs to sprout up around their mouths. Their eye’s glowed with red malice and instead of chittering they all seemed to be making a hissing sound like steel rubbing together. As one they all screamed and fell upon him.



    What happens next is up to you!

    • To defeat the dire squirrel swarm we need you to roll your dice at home! If 20 backers can roll higher then a 17 and report it in the main comments section Puzz and Sawdust will stave off the attack. Remember to describe Puzz’s or Sawdust's attack along with your dice roll.

    • Want Puzz or Sawdust to take some other action? Vote to take the story in a different direction. If one type of action (like running away) gets more votes it will be worked into the story!

    • What happens next? After successful dice rolls are reported you can suggest our heroes' next action. Wherever the story goes during the day will be written into tomorrow's update. Don't forget to search around for Treasure and Loot! 



  4. 12 hours ago, Chris Harris said:

    I think that magical wood would have a blueish glow to it from the mystical spirits that have lived in the tree. Below are images of what I think the wood and the tree it came from would look like.



    Still one of the best FF ever made! 

  5. 1 hour ago, yatescory said:

    Fantasy Coin... I tried to get friends on here to jump on to the recent Kickstarter but alas nobody listened.?  they make really high quality coins at an exceptional value. I also dropped my pledge due to being impatient. If you really want to snag some coins now you can do what I did and or some from order some from topshelfgamer.com. I just couldn't wait and they had all the sets that I wanted in the recent campaign all ready for sale. The ones in the picture are from the first campaign. I would happily loan you guys my sets if you wanted to use them for photos for your products or just wanted to try them out as long as you pay the shipping and ship them back to me at some point.

    Thanks for the info! I love RPG props soooo much and use them in all of my games. We have a ton here for pics but I'm always on the lookout for awesome new stuff. I also have an impressive collection of wax seals and parchment because its so much fun to play with props!!!! ? I can't believe I missed that KS

  6. 26 minutes ago, TheAuthorOfOZ said:

    Went and got a 5 pack of card stands.  I couldn't justify it to myself...then they went on sale.

    So what started as just component collectors has become...well...a DMG collection.  Once everything is here there will be pics.

    P.S. I was showing off your Adv Case, Dragon Sleeve and Hero Sleeve at my convention this past weekend and everyone was very impressed.  A couple of people there who said the work with wood gushed over them.

    Aww that's so awesome! Today @Zoe and I had a meeting to try and think of ideas to make this years cons the best ever! Hope we will see you at one of them! 

  7. We've got some really hot news this week to keep everyone warm during this ridiculously cold spring! 

    First up is our Overstock Sale!

    Right now you can get 15% off all of our Overstocked items. Wondering what an Overstock item is? Well it's an item that has been sitting around @Zoe's office for so long that she threatens to murder us with it if she has to see it for a single day more. So please, for the safety of everyone at Dog Might, and to prevent the items having to receive Zoe's death glare each morning, take a look and see if there's any awesome gaming gear that you'd like to give a loving home too. You can see what's on sale here http://dogmight.com/stock


    A New Playtest is Starting in the Next Few weeks! 

    We're excited to announce a new Playtest is starting soon! Sign of Evil is a new micro party game that can play 2-20 players! The game features a Monstrous theme will have players trying to frantically ward of evil. We've been having a blast playtesting it in the office and are ready to unleash our Playtest team and see what they think. On top of helping make our games way cooler then we could ever make them alone, our Playtest team gets perks like special coupons and even free games! So if you're thinking of joining email lindsey@dogmight.com to learn more or visit our Playtesting section on the forums. 


    Experimentations Galore with New Adventure Case Colors! 

    Our amazing finishing team has been working hard at developing new colors and combinations for all the Dog Might gear! We've got some new Adventure Cases that will be going up for sale soon that show off all their hard work. I apologize for the yellowish sawdust haze in the image below but they team is milling a ton of wood for CoCos today and it's like a dustbowl in there. These new colors will need new names so comment below with your ideas!




  8. This week in Dog Might News we've got the Awesome, the weird, and the furry! 

    First up is the Awesome 


    For this week's Friday Dice drop we've gone bouldering. And I'm talking giant, bulbous, boulders that fill your hands with a warm weighty sensation. Dice Drops happen every Friday at 1:00 P.M. EST and it's always first come first served so make sure to stop by the Dog Might website to check out this week's awesomeness! Here's the link for those who want to have a quicker trigger on Dice Day  http://dogmight.com/woodendice

    Next up is the Weird 


    We've been performing some crazy science experiments in the Dog Might Lab and the results are blowing us away! Here's a sneak peak of what we've been up to. Stay tuned to learn more about what exactly is going on here and why the shop smells so bad right now. 

    Finally we have the Furry 



    If you don't know what a BarkBox is, it's a box filled with dog cocaine and squeaky things. We get them sent to the shop for Sawdust and whenever a new box comes it's always hilarious to see him freak out. Since one came today I've canceled all further news to bring you videos of Sawdust. 


    That's all for this week!



  9. 11 minutes ago, ElysianPeace said:

    On my table are Legendary creatures and Scott Pilgrims precious little card game. The KS fulfilled quite recently for Legendary and it’s a cute interesting game that I’ve ran through the rules and basic actions of, but was to tired for a whole game. Scott Pilgrims is a really irritating game that is a wonderful example of how even a grammatically correct rulebook can  be terrible and trying to do more in one game then you should. The artwork is very true to the IP, but I ended up kind of just yelling at the game and calling it Scott a lot. I’m going to run through a solo play or two acting as more then one person to see if I can’t figure out how to make it better. 

    Really glad you posted this since I was thinking about picking up the game at our next con.

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