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  1. 1 hour ago, WxCougar said:

    Seeing all these pictures is making me want to get back into painting again. Which is good as I have 3 kickstarters worth of Bones miniatures to paint still : ).

    Did you get the newest one? I still am waiting on it

    moone boy waiting GIF by HULU

  2. 2 minutes ago, Savinien said:

    Hello people..


    Long time lurker, first time poster here.


    After quite a long wait (International backer N*936) my coco's finally made it to France this week. And well...it was worth the wait!  The wood are Padauk, Canarywood, Black Walnut, and Chechen. (i guess, since it's my order and it look like it, but i have a small doubt with Benge, because of the felt not corresponding the one annouced for Chechen).


    The last pic is some of my canarywood coco, ready to help me DM a game of Conan 2d20, with those fancy doom and momentum stone (and some coins for Fortune Points).












    That Chechen is amazing!!!!

  3. The saws in the shop have been buzzing and this week Dog Might has tons of exciting news to share!

    Introducing Dog Might Tables

    Dog Might Games has finally gone and done something we've sworn never to do....make nerdy tables! We're rolling out a series of new coffee tables built by nerds for nerds! Theses tables will all be one of a kind and feature live edge slabs of wood that are caringly inlayed with things like dragons and runic symbols. We are going with a minimalist design to make them more accessible and show off the beauty of natural wood. Stay tuned to learn more and drool over these prototype pics! 


    Countdown Files to Print

    Countdown is out of our hands and at the printers! Soon we should have digital proofs and it won't be long until the games are on the boat and headed our way!


    Alan Patrick is Visiting Dog Might HQ

    Alan Patrick is the Community Manager for the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League and he's headed for Valhalla...or at least the closest thing to it! This weekend Alan will be at Dog Might HQ to run a special Viking Session of Dungeons and Dragons and we've never been so excited to work a weekend. Lots of mead will be consumed and many pictures will be taken as we give Alan the DM challenge of a lifetime!  




  4. 6 minutes ago, Thomas Browne said:

    When I was a kid, we had rubber boots that we put on our dog.  Oh how she hated them... and we just stood around and laughed.

    We were horrible people. :D

    Regular torture of a dog through cute accessories is a normal price of getting to be a pet. That dog has been heavily bribed with grillerz so don't give him too much sympathy!

    He's an extortionist! 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    I didn't start with a kit.  I had Massive Darkness sitting there with all these minis and I just went to the hobby store and bought some paints after watching several tutorials on youtube.  I can't tell if what I did was better or worse than the starter kit users.  I just knew I was chomping at the bit to start painting MD minis.  And I'm still painting them, though I'm down to the last 20% or so.  One more (big) mob, a couple of bosses,  a handful of roaming monsters, and then on to my heroes!

    After seeing your minis on the forums Mike and I dug up a copy of Massive Darkness and we are starting to paint them this week! Those minis are amazing!!!!

  6. 42 minutes ago, tgpumpkin said:

    Question for you reaper peeps....I’m reading reviews that say reaper paint is more true to color on reaper minis than on non reaper minis.  I’m assuming it has something to do with the plastic.  Do you find that to be the case?

    Right now I’m eyeing starter kits for both reaper and army painter.  Still going to read up on them before making a purchase.  Thanks for all the help :) 

    I've never seen an issue with reaper mini paint but if I'm doing something for competitions I'll use SCALE75 paint. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, there's so much technique to learn before worrying about the quality of the paints. 

    I will say that I had a terrible time with Army Painter primer and I won't use it anymore. I haven't tried out the paints though I really like their brush set. 

  7. 25 minutes ago, RomyCat said:

    As a beginner, I bought one of Reaper’s starter kits which includes a lot of paints, several minis and a very useful booklet which walks you through painting the miniatures, explaining various techniques. It even recommends which colors to use, though you can use any color you wish. I purchased the first and second starter kits and found them very useful. Also picked up some cheap paints at Walmart which work well too. 

    One of my tips is to practice on your less “important” minis first. Learn, make mistakes, then paint some more. Soon you will start developing the more advance techniques like washing and dry brushing. After you get the hang of the basics, then begin working on more important minis in your collection. 

    I started in the exact same way! Reaper's is one of the most affordable and best places you can start learning. My other suggestion to beginners would be to buy a wet pallet early on. Learning to dilute and blend your paints is one of the first big steps to reaching the next level of miniature painting and getting used to that right at the start is a huge advantage. 

  8. 12 hours ago, Zoxe said:

    Talk more about this please.  What is Arena Rex? 

    Arena Rex is a super fun casual skirmish game of Gladiators. I've been borrowing @Konas minis for the last year but I finally have my own! The rules are really light and the gameplay is short but the minis are probably the highest quality of all the miniature war games I play. Maybe with the exception of AOS. 

    The best part of the game is the rampaging monsters and animals!

    Check it out https://arenarex.com/

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