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  1. Thanks! She's really taken the turtle theme to its ultimate level.
  2. To be fair he didn't really have a choice after we got that kids activity kit with our barkbox.
  3. Sawdust trying out a look for his new D&D character. He's playing an exiled prince from a distant desert kingdom known for its fabled emerald tombs.
  4. @Zoe and I take a bunch of pictures of Sawdust doing silly things in the office and I need a place to share them with the world.
  5. In progress Tortle mini for my new 5E campaign! Tried a new technique for a worn leather look and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
  6. If you've ever wondered how much sass can fit into a single episode this is the one to listen to.
  7. After seeing your minis on the forums Mike and I dug up a copy of Massive Darkness and we are starting to paint them this week! Those minis are amazing!!!!
  8. I've never seen an issue with reaper mini paint but if I'm doing something for competitions I'll use SCALE75 paint. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, there's so much technique to learn before worrying about the quality of the paints. I will say that I had a terrible time with Army Painter primer and I won't use it anymore. I haven't tried out the paints though I really like their brush set.
  9. This website has tutorials for everything from basic techniques to competitive basing. I've used it as a resource a ton during my last two years in the hobby. http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-overview.html
  10. I started in the exact same way! Reaper's is one of the most affordable and best places you can start learning. My other suggestion to beginners would be to buy a wet pallet early on. Learning to dilute and blend your paints is one of the first big steps to reaching the next level of miniature painting and getting used to that right at the start is a huge advantage.
  11. Make sure to put it in Dog Might Sightings if you can find it! I'd love to see it!
  12. Arena Rex is a super fun casual skirmish game of Gladiators. I've been borrowing @Konas minis for the last year but I finally have my own! The rules are really light and the gameplay is short but the minis are probably the highest quality of all the miniature war games I play. Maybe with the exception of AOS. The best part of the game is the rampaging monsters and animals! Check it out https://arenarex.com/
  13. Nice dry brushing on the wings!
  14. I used those troll snot dice in my Raven Wood Castle game and they did so well I now use them for all my games! Probably my favorite dice that we've ever carried!
  15. I wish they had a How to Train Your Boss!
  16. Finished my first two Arena Rex figures! Just need to finish two or three more figures and I can head out to the game store and start challenging people!
  17. That's awesome! Love the little pile of loot detail.
  18. Holy Shit I need one of these soooo bad! This is so much cooler then those dumb shirts the company gives me ?
  19. Chapter 3: Humphrey and the Haunted Village Yesterday was another amazing day where we blew past 20k and welcomed another 61 backers to our adventure! Things heated up yesterday for our dynamic duo, but the backers pulled them through with almost 300 comments! Working together, backers were able to unlock the Red Heart Boulder for everyone! PUZZ NEEDS YOUR HELP TODAY! To unlock today’s stretch goal, we need 30 backers to make a comment. See the details below! Today we are inviting all backers, new and old, to j
  20. Fantastic Job Everyone! I'll let you know what you unlocked soon!
  21. That doesn't even count the stuff on facebook and twitter!
  22. I think that's already 5 everyone Great job!
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