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  1. Check out this rare podcast invasion with @Konas and the Anthem of Adventure! 

    Today on the show we have a man who’s got a love for music, the outdoors, board gaming, plaid, and of course… woodworking! Mike Konas was a blast to talk to about how the process of creating functional pieces from natural materials is an adventure, from that first pass on the milling machines where you discover the grain pattern of a piece of wood, to when you have a finished dice tower to play your favorite games with your friends.


  2. The sun is shinning, students are off, and summer is in full swing here at Dog Might HQ! We've got some really exciting news to share this week so put that axe down, place a tiny umbrella in your mead, and kick back as we fill you in on what we've been up to. 


    Origins Game Fair 2018 is Next Week! 

    On Wednesday the Dog Might crew will be loading up our longships and heading out to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio! We've got tons of amazing products, the coolest people, and we even spiffed up the booth for this year. If you are attending please stop by and say hi at booth 132.



    New Galaxy Color Releasing Today! 

    Our Viking artisans have been hard at work developing new stains and colors for your gear and today one of their creations will be unleashed upon the world! Check out our new Galaxy stain and make sure to grab some of the awesome new in-stock that will be added to the webstore later today. 



    A New Team Has Entered the Battlefield! 

    We are excited to announce that we have a secret. It's the kind of secret that will explode minds and drinking horns alike. The kind of secret that will shake the foundations of gaming itself. This secret involves a team up, a special secret team up that will soon be unveiled to the world. We will leave a not so subtle clue below. 




    Sawdust has been diligently searching for the secret since we posted this. 




  3. 22 hours ago, RomyCat said:

    Some cool products you are cross promoting. Would be nice if you provided direct link to the Kickstarters. I’m on my iPad and its tricky to copy and paste (at least for me) then search Kickstarter for the names.

    I thought I did link them but it looks like it's just a video...weird. I'll try to fix it. 

  4. It's Wednesday and that means it's time for another shot of Dog Might News!

    At Dog Might we love to Raid and Invade and we've turned our sights onto the green fields of the Tabletop World. We've made it our mission to collaborate with our favorite companies in the industry and make gear for the coolest games. You may see us popping up in some awesome and unexpected places soon, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets chained closed ?

    Check out our current Raids! 

    Kraken Dice Box and GM Screen

    Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden

    Infected: Carrier


    Dog Might is hiring! 

    Dog Might is looking to add to their Viking Tribe with an Operations Assistant! The position is still open so if you think you've got what it takes to organize shipping data and wield an axe in a tank top check out the position here 


    The Artifact Dice Pledge Manager is Live! 

    You can now confirm your pledge for Artifact Dice! Backers should have received an email but you can message @Zoe if you have any issues or questions. If you missed out on one of our most fun (funnest?) projects ever you can still jump in here https://dogmight.pledgemanager.com/projects/artifact-dice/participate/


  5. Celebrate Einherjar with Free Shipping this Weekend! 


    Dog Might is throwing a BBQ worthy of the Gods this weekend! Since we will be making an offering of giant meat slabs and endless cups of mead we thought you might want to join in the fun. So during the festivities we will be offering free shipping on every purchase. Because we love you with all our Viking Lumberjack heart and because we will be too far gone on lumberjack juice to do the math. 


    Something Malty This Way Comes...


    Our newest product release is getting closer! Join us for the epic launch on Fathers Day as we celebrate Dads everywhere in the traditional Viking way. What's the traditional Viking way you ask? Well you'll have to join in the fun and find out!


    Holy Crap Everyone We Got to Game With Alan Patrick! 


    Alan Patrick, the Lead Community Manager of the D&D Adventures League joined us recently to run a one shot for the insane Lumberjack Juice swilling Dog Might crew. It was amazing and almost everyone didn't die! Can you guess from this picture who did?


    Dog Might Is Hiring an Operations Assistant! 


    Does working at Dog Might look fun? Then join us (you know you want to) and help raid castles and improve logistics! You can see more details about the open position here:


    That's it for this week's news! Now if you excuse me it's time to start celebrating Einherjar!!!


  6. #SaveSawdust

    Thanks to the quick work of our amazing backers, Sawdust the dog might pull through this latest encounter. After having 30+ comments on our last update, our Heroes will get advantage on all their rolls in the current encounter. We will be starting the campaign today around noon EDT, come join us for the action!

    Don't worry, Sawdust is not unconcious in this pic, only sleeping.
    Don't worry, Sawdust is not unconcious in this pic, only sleeping.

    P.S. Love the #SaveSawdust movement in the comments!

    Now, back to our story….

    Chapter 7: Stay Away from the Light

    Upon returning to the green light of the lighthouse lantern, the dagger our heroes had found earlier began to glow a warm, yellow light of its own. After some experimentation, Puzz noticed that the evil green hue would recoil from the dagger’s benevolent glow. Tentatively, he touched the blade to the glass of the lantern, expecting disaster. It did not occur. The green light continued to shy away from the blade. The form of the dagger began to shift back and forth between the form of an archaic key and the weapon itself. Puzz pushed it in further, feeling little resistance. The yellow glow grew and overtook the green completely. Then it stopped. The yellow light faded quickly, the green regaining its strength. Soon, the room filled with the green hue, our heroes could feel the light and the thickness of it surrounding them.


    A huge explosion occurs and our party finds themselves thrown through space at a rapid pace, the green light still the only thing in sight.

    Then, silence.

    Sawdust is the first to awaken. He finds himself on top of a tower 200 feet tall and his companions unconscious next to him. As he looks around, it is clear he is not in the same world he was. The sky is a darker, greenish grey and the clouds rush by at an amazing rate. He looks down from his precarious location atop the tower and sees a foreign city below, one that is in ruins. Circling the city in a ring is a collection of other towers, 20 in total. 14 of the towers are exactly like the one Sawdust sits atop of. The other 6 have glowing green lights on the top of them. In the center of the city, a massive ziggurat stands. A steep staircase up half one of its faces stops at an enormous steel door.

    Creepy, eh? Creepy, eh?

    Puzz and Humphrey wake after a gentle nudge from Sawdust. With no way down the immense tower, Puzz pulls out the Magic Orb of Light to look for a secret door. As soon as the Orb starts to glow, the outline of a small opening appears in the floor. Sawdust starts to bark loudly. Puzz turns to see that, as the orb began to light, the top of the ziggurat lit up as well, glowing a ray of sickly green, shining directly at our heroes. They pack the orb away and scatter down through the secret door.

    After descending through a series of discs magically floating aloft, our party enters the streets of the city for the first time. Shadowy figures appear off in the distance but Puzz and Co. begin to explore the city. As they do, one of the lights shining at the top of a tower is extinguished. Humphrey postulates that another world may be currently under attack from the green light.

    The group enters the remnants of an ancient tavern, looking for food and water and mead. While Puzz and Humphrey search the ruined kitchen, Sawdust is attacked by 2 Shadow Demons. They rush to aide their canine companion and find him unconscious on the floor, 2 shadowy figures floating above him.


    Can they save him in time?

  7. Chapter 6: The Lighthouse Keeper

    Puzz, Sawdust, and Humphrey crouched at the edge of the forest and looked out over the rocky landscape where the lighthouse stood. Tide pools were hidden by jagged looking rocks and slick seaweed was scattered around, making their approach even more dangerous. The powerful lantern that normally sent light out to sea was emitting a green beacon. Whenever the light passed over water it almost seemed like the ocean and tide pools themselves were glowing with unnatural light.


    “Let’s circle around to the back,” Humphrey said, “There might be a better way in then charging the front door." He eyed the open lantern room at the top of the lighthouse warily. They circled around the lighthouse, trying to stay away from the glowing tide pools and the circling green light. Every time the light passed over them, a wave of nausea and wrongness swept through them and each tried not to think about what the light might be doing to them. At one point, Sawdust slipped into a tide pool and yelped as if something bit him but they could find no trace of a bite mark on his paw and kept moving.

    Crouching behind the ledge of a tide pool, they looked out over the back of the Lighthouse. Two cellar doors attached to heavy looking stones were closed tight against the ground. In front of the cellar lay what look like a dog, its body rising and falling gently in sleep. Puzz, being an expert at doggie desires, picked up a nearby piece of driftwood and tossed it as far as he could away from the building. As the dog sprang to its feet with an almost unnatural speed and took off after the stick a gray fin sprang from its back. Puzz recoiled as he saw the dog’s head had been replaced with a shark’s gaping maw and its finned tail waved back and forth in the ocean breeze. It exhibited a speed and grace that seemed counter to its unnatural form. The trio sprang to action and charged the cellar as the sharkdog spun and let out a horrible gurgling howl. Puzz grabbed the cellar doors, every one of his muscles straining as he tried to lift the heavy wood. Humphrey pushed him out of the way and with one massive shaggy hand lifted the door. Sawdust and Puzz half stumbled half jumped into the open black pit before Humphrey jumped in himself, closing the doors behind them. A hard thud and yelp could be heard from the other side of the door.

    Lighting a torch, Puzz looked around the dim root cellar. The supplies that were down here had begun to rot and the smell was terrible. On the floor were hundreds of journals piled haphazardly on the floor. The salty air had already started to deform and warp the paper of many of them. Lifting a red journal near the top of the pile, Humphrey opened the curled and spotted binding. Inside were entries written by the lighthouse keeper who lived here, all signed with the name KRILL. In the first few entries Krill wrote about finding a of deformity on the glass of the lantern and how the light seemed to get greener every night. He talked about trying to clean the lantern and cutting his hand on the glass. After that he seemed to feel sick and his entries made less sense. Krill began to write in more erratic scribbles, speaking about sharks biting his dog…or the dog was a shark and was biting himself. Then talking about how the lighthouse was connected to other planes and he was a shark swimming through realities. Humphrey closed the journal when the entries became unreadable. “I think this may be bigger then we think,” he told Puzz, showing him the book. “We need to head upwards to the lantern room, I believe that’s where we will find Krill… or what’s left of him.” With a nod Puzz went to the ladder that led up into the lighthouse. “Let's go then,” he said and opened the door in the ceiling.

    The door led to a living space that looked like it had once been loved and cared for but now laid in shambles. Deep scratches were embedded in the walls and led up the spiraling stairs towards the lantern room. As Sawdust sniffed the broken pieces of a desk he suddenly jumped back and barked. When the others approached they saw an elaborate looking dagger resting in the rubble of a desk. The dagger had green crystals that seemed to swirl and glow with an inner light. Being careful not to touch any part of his skin to the sinister looking blade, he held up the orb of light he found in the forest. In the red light the dagger seemed to transform into a key with the images of two wolves and two ravens intertwined. When he took the orb away it looked like a dagger once again. Carefully using the cloth of his shirt to touch the handle he slipped the dagger into his pack.

    Above them the sound of an inhuman roar was followed by shattering glass. They all looked up into the spiraling darkness of the stairs and wondered what awaited them at the top.

    Our heroes moved stealthily up the rickety staircase, avoiding detection from what awaited them. After a long, slow climb, they approached the opening to the final floor. The creature above them squawked and yelled, "Where is my key!" A dull, sickly green light filtered down through the opening. Puzz, never without the mirror he used for beard grooming, used it to deftly view what was above without revealing himself.

    The source of the green light was the lighthouse lantern, its normally bright white light used to ensure the safety of sailors now overtaken by the green hue. The lens used to project that light still spun, creating a dim ray of grey green. Puzz then saw the source of the noise - a sickly, older dwarf moving rapidly around the room. This dwarf, clearly the remnants of the lighthouse keeper, Krill, had fallen prey to the Green Death which morphed his body in grotesque fashion. Below the relatively normal dwarven torso were the extremely long legs of an ostrich, acting as stilts for the normally short man. His arms were transformed into 6' long vipers, each with an independent head and vicious fangs.  

    Not an accurate representation of Krill's face, but that is one scary ostrich. Not an accurate representation of Krill's face, but that is one scary ostrich.

     Our brave group quietly retreated, planning on luring the beast to the lower level, away from the light. Once securely on solid ground, they yelled at Krill, luring him with the promise of his beloved key. Krill responded quickly, leaping down the entire height of the lighthouse, landing in the middle of the adventurers. A wicked battle ensued, Sawdust taking vicious bites from the viper arms, but our heroes prevailed when Humphrey landing a critical blow to Krill's head. 

    They headed back upstairs to extinguish the vile green light affecting the land around them. As they did, the antique dagger began to glow a warm yellow light of its own...

  8. Chapter 5: RhinoBears and Cranky Druids

    The hidden door opened with a haunting creak, revealing a small staircase leading to a darkened cellar. Puzz noticed movement immediately. Peaking his bearded head down first, he saw the Yak Folk Elder, or, at least what was left of him. The Green Death had clearly taken hold of the once proud leader of the village. His face was wrenched, his body broken and distorted, and he was covered in open sores that weep with bright green ooze. On the wall in front of him, the inhuman Yak Folk scrawled maniacly. The words seemed illegible. Before Puzz could decipher them, the Undead Elder turned and faced the intruders, picked up a rusty shovel from the corner of the cellar and rushed the hidden door, barely missing Puzz's head with a mighty swing. Sawdust, brave as always, rushed down the stairs and hid in a corner. Puzz and Humphrey followed the pup and faced the Elder, both landing heavy blows. Humphrey thought he had taken the monster out with a massive hit to the head with his maul, Titanforge, but the Undead kept on fighting. Puzz ended the battle moments later by cleaving off the arm of his foe, leaving a mess of green ooze on the floor.

    As our heroes searched the room, what at first was thought only the scribblings of a madman turned out to be something more. The words were the same phrase repeated over and over in various styles and sizes. "The light will save us." In the middle of the words was the picture of a Lighthouse shining brightly. On the face of the Lighthouse was a symbol, a simple sun with a triangle in the middle. Neither Puzz nor Humphrey had seen the symbol before but Humphrey thought the picture depicted a Lighthouse on the shore of the Northern Sea, a two day trip from the village.


    They also found a small chest with some treasures and a pack of loosely organized papers, including the notes the Elder had kept on a young Puzz as he grew up among the Yak Folk. (this find unlocked Puzz's character sheet!)

    After loading up on supplies, our heroes headed into the woods. The trip was uneventful on the first morning, the only potential threat was a herd of infected elk. Then, as night fell, the party was attacked by a strange infected beast that had the huge body of a bear and the head of a rhino. The battle was fierce as both Puzz and Sawdust fell into single digit hit points. Sawdust, worrying little about his own health, jumped on the back of the beast and chomped hard with his, now steel enhanced, bite attack. Puzz finished the RhinoBear off with a powerful swing.

    Not an actual pic of the RhinoBear but close. Not an actual pic of the RhinoBear but close.

    As they cleared the body from the camp Humphrey noticed that the beast had a tattoo under the fur of his rear leg that matched the Sun and Triangle symbol the Elder scribed on the side of the Lighthouse. As they inspected it, they heard a cantankerous voice yelling at them from the woods. The owner of that angry voice was an equally angry human druid in his 90s. After lightly berating the group for even entering the infected forest, the Druid told the party what he knew of the cause of the Green Death. It appeared that the operator of the lighthouse, Krill, may have been experimenting with dark magic forces. The Druid had seen many of the animals around the Lighthouse morph into disgusting beasts and had even witnessed one of the hybridized beasts exiting the lighthouse itself. He had tried to find his friend, Krill, but there was no sign of him. The Lighthouse appeared locked up and abandoned except for a soft green glow at the top of the tower from which the safety light once shined.

    Now, our group of heroes must decide how to proceed. Shall they:

    • Charge the Lighthouse head on.
    • Watch and the lighthouse to gather intel.
    • Abandon the forest altogether.
    • Something else entirely.
  9. Chapter 4: Old Friends and New Enemies

    Puzz and Sawdust frantically gathered the 30 ingredients together and started dumping them into a sheep's bladder they had scavenged earlier. Worrying little about correct amounts or mixing order, they shook the bag repeatedly while adding more of the disgusting ingredients together. When they were finished, and unfortunately covered in some of the mixture due to overzealous shaking, they rushed back to the forge where Humphrey was charging walls and screaming. Ducking under a massive swipe from the misshaped sword Puzz thrust the entire bladder into Humphrey’s mouth. With his overgrown fangs Humphrey bit down on the bladder, releasing the horrible smelling concoction into his mouth. With a scream that turned into gags Humphrey began thrashing on the ground until he fell with a thud that shook the dirt floor. After minutes of screaming he fell silent and limp. The Yak's skin was grey and lifeless. Sawdust bit onto the one remaining horn and lifted the large Yak’s head up to prevent him from choking further. Puzz knelt beside his friend and poured more of the purple green mixture into Humphrey's mouth and softly lifted his bottom lip to help him swallow it down. Puzz and Sawdust waited…


    As he lay there Humphrey's skin began to brighten, and his breathing suddenly started again with a large gasp. He coughed and opened his eyes, trying to focus on his surroundings. Then he crawled to his knees and began vomiting large amounts of goo mixed with flecks of purple and green. He cleared his throat, looking for a moment like he would be sick again and turned to Puzz, "What the hell did you make me drink?" he sputtered.

    Humphrey stood up and brushed off his apron. Realizing he had it on backwards, he took it off and put it on correctly. The act seemed to have a calming effect on him and he turned to his old friend. "I’m not sure whether to thank you or ask you to finish me off right now…but I suppose thanks first”. “Do you remember anything?” Puzz asked. “I remember the last member of the hunting party we sent north to investigate what was happening to the wild game coming back. He was screaming nonsense about monsters and not to trust anyone. Soon after we found him dead by his own sword. Everything was quiet for a time but then our milking goats started behaving strangely and then some of the elder folk. Then people started dying in strange ways….and then nothing….”. Humphrey seemed disturbed as if he had almost startled himself with his own memories. “Is everyone gone then” he whispered. “Everyone is gone but maybe not everyone is lost” Puzz told his friend with a hearty slap on the back. “We have a cure now and can make more of the stuff. We should head north and see if we can stop this unnamed horror.” “Come with me and lets see who else we can save” Puzz said as he held out his arm. Humphrey grasped it with his own, nodding his giant shaggy head. “There was an extra map of our hunter’s route when they left investigated the Green Death up north. The elder kept it in his lodge, but I must warn you, the Elder was one of the most infected. He fought it off as long as he could to help the others, but it didn't end well. I don’t know what we will find if we venture in there.

    Puzz nodded “sounds like you need a weapon” he said, looking around. Humphrey grinned and pulled back an ash stained sheet that hung over the large cabinet. In it was one of the largest weapon’s Puzz had ever seen. Humphrey grabbed the massive war hammer with both hands. The hammer was truly enormous, too large for any human to wield. The caps of the hammer were worn but still looked strong. The sides were expertly carved with scenes of great Yak Folk battles. Humphrey held the large head of the hammer close to his face and whispered, "C'mon lovely. Let's do this. One last time." Puzz nodded his approval and the two of them set out towards the elder’s house.


    The short walk to the elder’s house felt longer than it should. The devastation in the village was more apparent here. The houses, once well kept and solid, were swaying on their foundations. The walls often covered in the green slime. What wasn’t coated in the ichor were covered in blood. It seemed that those who didn't transform due to the necrotic poison clearly had met an equally unpleasant end. However, there were still no bodies to be found anywhere, which Puzz thought, was almost worse.

    When they reached the red tapestry that acted as the door to the elder’s private quarters, Humphrey went in first while Puzz and Sawdust followed quickly behind. The scene before them was gut wrenching. The once small but stately hut had now taken on a much different feeling.

    The once fine, hand crafted furniture had been torn apart and rested in pieces on the ground. Not one item looked untouched. Even the pots and pans had been taken from the cupboards and were thrown about. Books were ripped from the shelves and many had their pages torn out. The scene here was one of pure chaos. Whatever had done this had no goal other than that of pure destruction. Nothing moved. Nothing felt solid. The ground beneath the party's feet shifted underneath them as they walked over the broken pieces of someone’s life. The only thing that appeared to be untouched was a door in the back of the room. It was closed and the floor in front of it was oddly devoid of the chaos that filled the rest of the room. Puzz reached out to open the door….

  10. On ‎5‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 5:13 PM, ElysianPeace said:

    I just did a thing. I’ve never put together minis, painted them, and then I kind of just wandered in. Hopefully this goes well. 


    Oh nice you play the same army as @Konas !!!!


  11. Playtest.jpg


    The Sign of Evil Playtest kicked off this week and the current team is already shaping up to be awesome! We still have spots available if you are interested in joining playtesting. Earn discounted Dog Might Gear, rulebook credit, and other goodies by playing fun games! 

    Here are the current Playtest opportunities. As a playtester you gain access to the secret playtest forums and will be able to access all available playtests. 


    • Sign of Evil- Sign of Evil is a hidden role game with silly stories and sillier hand symbols! For 2-10 players it's a quick game of monstrous proportions. Join now and start playing immediately! 


    • Labyrinth- Face off in a race against time as you try to solve the mystery of the Minotaur's Labyrinth and be the first to escape in this puzzle tile game for 1-4 players. This playtest will be opening soon but you can sign up now! 


    If you are interested in becoming a Dog Might Playtester email me at lindsey@dogmight.com! 


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