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  1. The sun is shinning, students are off, and summer is in full swing here at Dog Might HQ! We've got some really exciting news to share this week so put that axe down, place a tiny umbrella in your mead, and kick back as we fill you in on what we've been up to. Origins Game Fair 2018 is Next Week! On Wednesday the Dog Might crew will be loading up our longships and heading out to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio! We've got tons of amazing products, the coolest people, and we even spiffed up the booth for this year. If you are attending please stop by and say hi at booth 132.
  2. I thought I did link them but it looks like it's just a video...weird. I'll try to fix it.
  3. Wow I actually thought that dog was real for a moment.
  4. It's Wednesday and that means it's time for another shot of Dog Might News! At Dog Might we love to Raid and Invade and we've turned our sights onto the green fields of the Tabletop World. We've made it our mission to collaborate with our favorite companies in the industry and make gear for the coolest games. You may see us popping up in some awesome and unexpected places soon, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets chained closed ? Check out our current Raids! Kraken Dice Box and GM Screen Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Infected: Carrier Do
  5. I just put up the Labyrinth welcome message! The rules will be posted soon!
  6. I'm so excited to see the CoCos work well with so many games! I didn't even know these two existed!
  7. This wins best post of the day! @Konas @Zoe you have to see this!
  8. Great idea for a thread! I'll make sure to post any pics from our weekend!
  9. Celebrate Einherjar with Free Shipping this Weekend! Dog Might is throwing a BBQ worthy of the Gods this weekend! Since we will be making an offering of giant meat slabs and endless cups of mead we thought you might want to join in the fun. So during the festivities we will be offering free shipping on every purchase. Because we love you with all our Viking Lumberjack heart and because we will be too far gone on lumberjack juice to do the math. Something Malty This Way Comes... Our newest product release is getting closer! Join us for the epic launch on Fathe
  10. Got these delivered yesterday! Found out our local FLGS has tournaments and a league so I'm dusting off my cards and joining them!
  11. #SaveSawdust Thanks to the quick work of our amazing backers, Sawdust the dog might pull through this latest encounter. After having 30+ comments on our last update, our Heroes will get advantage on all their rolls in the current encounter. We will be starting the campaign today around noon EDT, come join us for the action! Don't worry, Sawdust is not unconcious in this pic, only sleeping. P.S. Love the #SaveSawdust movement in the comments! Now, back to our story…. Chapter 7: Stay Away from the Light Upon returning to the green light of the lighthouse lant
  12. Chapter 6: The Lighthouse Keeper Puzz, Sawdust, and Humphrey crouched at the edge of the forest and looked out over the rocky landscape where the lighthouse stood. Tide pools were hidden by jagged looking rocks and slick seaweed was scattered around, making their approach even more dangerous. The powerful lantern that normally sent light out to sea was emitting a green beacon. Whenever the light passed over water it almost seemed like the ocean and tide pools themselves were glowing with unnatural light. “Let’s circle around to the back,” Humphrey said, “There might be a better w
  13. Chapter 5: RhinoBears and Cranky Druids The hidden door opened with a haunting creak, revealing a small staircase leading to a darkened cellar. Puzz noticed movement immediately. Peaking his bearded head down first, he saw the Yak Folk Elder, or, at least what was left of him. The Green Death had clearly taken hold of the once proud leader of the village. His face was wrenched, his body broken and distorted, and he was covered in open sores that weep with bright green ooze. On the wall in front of him, the inhuman Yak Folk scrawled maniacly. The words seemed illegible. Before Puzz could d
  14. Chapter 4: Old Friends and New Enemies Puzz and Sawdust frantically gathered the 30 ingredients together and started dumping them into a sheep's bladder they had scavenged earlier. Worrying little about correct amounts or mixing order, they shook the bag repeatedly while adding more of the disgusting ingredients together. When they were finished, and unfortunately covered in some of the mixture due to overzealous shaking, they rushed back to the forge where Humphrey was charging walls and screaming. Ducking under a massive swipe from the misshaped sword Puzz thrust the entire bladder into
  15. What are the players saying about it so far?!
  16. Oh nice you play the same army as @Konas !!!!
  17. The Sign of Evil Playtest kicked off this week and the current team is already shaping up to be awesome! We still have spots available if you are interested in joining playtesting. Earn discounted Dog Might Gear, rulebook credit, and other goodies by playing fun games! Here are the current Playtest opportunities. As a playtester you gain access to the secret playtest forums and will be able to access all available playtests. Sign of Evil- Sign of Evil is a hidden role game with silly stories and sillier hand symbols! For 2-10 players it's a quick game of monstrous proportio
  18. You have one of those awesome book trade things! I want one so bad!
  19. Did you get the newest one? I still am waiting on it
  20. The saws in the shop have been buzzing and this week Dog Might has tons of exciting news to share! Introducing Dog Might Tables Dog Might Games has finally gone and done something we've sworn never to do....make nerdy tables! We're rolling out a series of new coffee tables built by nerds for nerds! Theses tables will all be one of a kind and feature live edge slabs of wood that are caringly inlayed with things like dragons and runic symbols. We are going with a minimalist design to make them more accessible and show off the beauty of natural wood. Stay tuned to learn more and drool o
  21. Regular torture of a dog through cute accessories is a normal price of getting to be a pet. That dog has been heavily bribed with grillerz so don't give him too much sympathy! He's an extortionist!
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