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  1. That's such a great combo of sculpt and engraving!
  3. That looks fantastic and that's a game I am way to intimidated to try out. I've seen the battlefields and they look as amazing as they are crazy full.
  4. This was the first place my head when to as well haha
  5. Hopefully this is natural and not some sort of beautiful man made destruction.
  6. You can probably have our copy after we play it a couple of times. I don't think we'll keep it as part of our collection.
  7. Just so everyone can see the amazing covers that @Thomas Brownelinked to
  8. Holy crap that's way more then I thought I missed!
  9. Let me know if I'm missing any! I think there's some sort of conspiracy here....
  10. Has anyone else noticed how many board games are themed around Squirrels?
  11. Yah we have a serious problem and the Team Covenant subscriptions are not helping.
  12. Our friends at Tuesday Knight Games have just released a Beta version of their upcoming Sci-Fi Horror RPG Mothership. I was lucky enough to get to play this at Origins and it's pretty much a simulation of what it must have felt like to be in the movie Alien. This game is hard and terrifying and so much fun to play. If you're a fan of Horror RPGs or are looking for a system that is easy to learn but insanely hard to survive then check it out! An upcoming Tuesday Knight Podcast will feature the live play of our session and you can see how gloriously I died to an enemy we named the Chest Wax
  13. On the 8th of June Fantasy Flight Announced the discontinuing of Netrunner, marking the end of an era. For the last 6 years Netrunner has proven the LCG format can work and offered players a completely new gameplay experience. The cult following Netrunner has earned is no small thing and the community was completely caught of guard by the announcement. Our own @Zoe was a dedicated player who is still coming to terms (sometimes loudly in the office) with the sudden ending. Many other Dog Might team members play various Fantasy Flight LCGs and lunches here often consist of the speculation on whe
  14. The noise scared the crap out of everyone. I was in the middle of a demo for Countdown and I had to start the game over because I couldn't pull myself back together.
  15. We got Rhino Hero Super Battle, Reef, and Dragon Fire at Origins so I'll let everyone know how they are. Hoping to play at least two of them this weekend.
  16. Has anyone gotten the new Super Dungeon Legends yet? I feel like I backed that years ago.
  17. We just got our pre-press copies in this week so large scale printing should start by Monday. I would say it's only a couple of months away between printing time and the trip across the ocean.
  18. Check out this rare podcast invasion with @Konas and the Anthem of Adventure! Today on the show we have a man who’s got a love for music, the outdoors, board gaming, plaid, and of course… woodworking! Mike Konas was a blast to talk to about how the process of creating functional pieces from natural materials is an adventure, from that first pass on the milling machines where you discover the grain pattern of a piece of wood, to when you have a finished dice tower to play your favorite games with your friends. https://simplecast.com/s/b3009f73
  19. One of my many silly poses that weekend!
  20. I give it a week tops until he chews it to pieces.
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