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  1. See Lindsey from Dog Might fail epically at Golden Girl knowledge and find out who got assassinated! The Tuesday Knight Podcast is responsible for some of the most ridiculous things that have ever come out of our mouths. Also Lindsey learns what Hentai is....yah that happened. Listen here https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/its-super-effective/tuesday-knight-podcast/e/51285330
  2. Here you can find what podcasts we were "guests" on. The word "guests" here of course meaning; we ran into random rooms where people were talking and wouldn't leave.
  3. Dead of Winter has a shrine in my office. It's my favorite game of all time! Good taste!
  4. The cards look really cool. I may have to add it to my next order of board games that I totally need only for research purposes
  5. Is this a newer game? I've never heard of it.
  6. Post any rule questions here!
  7. Post any rule questions here!
  8. I think we have this one in the office...sounds like we should unwrap it and try it
  9. Hitting the Launch button on a new Dog Might Kickstarter pretty much feels like...
  10. The Countdown Playtest is live and we are accepting new play testers. If you are interested in playtesting please email me at Lindsey@dogmight.com for an NDA and instructions.
  11. Have you heard about the Dog Might Playtesting Forums? On these forums playtesters get to play and impact the designs of future Kick Ass Games. Before you decide to volunteer and jump into all the action please take time to go over all the rules for playtesting with Dog Might. Failure to follow these rules while participating in a playtest will result in removal from the playtest forums and banning from future playtests (don't worry we give warnings first). 1. Be Excellent To One Another- This is the simplest rule but the biggest reason people get removed from the forums. Sometimes peopl
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