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  1. Thanks again @Lindsey!! Last question for you (hopefully), will the bowls in the Five Bowl Interior Top fit D6s and D20s from the Wooden Dice collection when closed? Thinking about getting a Maple Sentinel and Wooden Dice
  2. Thanks @Lindsey!! What configuration would you recommend? I’ve been going back and fourth between: 1. Card Double top + Card Double bottom (sideboard in the top, maindeck in the bottom, and dice in the sides) or 2. Triple Top + Card Triple bottom (sideboard in one of the triples, maindeck in the other two, dice in the top).
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a Magic player who's looking for a new deck box that can not only transport the deck (i.e., 80-90 double sleeved Magic cards consisting of a 60 card main deck + 15 card sideboard + 5-10 card tokens), but also the other gaming paraphernalia that go along with playing a game of Magic (i.e., dice, tokens, etc.). I stumbled upon the Sentinel and it looks like it COULD be that solution, but I have a few questions: Will my deck fit into the Sentinel? I double sleeve my deck for additional protection, however, this slightly increases the thickness of the cards. The 'C
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