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  1. That is awesome. Love the dice thrones. Neat dice. Been eyeing aluminum dice but haven't bought any yet.
  2. I didn't notice them being particularly big, lol. May be slightly bigger than chessex but smaller than Kraken's standard d20.
  3. Untamed Dice from Die Hard Dice. We went in for a Trove and I got half and my husband got half. Also my DMG Dragon Glass :).
  4. Looks like our first frost of the season is coming this weekend. Low of 22 for Saturday. Definitely not ready.
  5. I forget the name of this one. -- Possibly Black Ice
  6. I have a YouTube app on my phone that alerts me when my subscribed channels update, but otherwise I don't get notifications. I barely know what I am doing on YouTube so glad that Konas answered you :).
  7. That is pretty cool. And one always needs more dice :).
  8. I'm having my doubts we will hit 100 degrees today. There is a trick one of the long time forecasters uses which is you add 10 degrees to your 11 am current temp (assuming normal summer weather for our area, no clouds etc) and that will be approximately your daytime high. We are sitting at 81 right now, so that is 91. We also have some high clouds and smoke so that should keep temperatures slightly lower than it would if we got full sun. I'm fine if we don't hit 100, but will definitely see.
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