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  1. Ah yes. The one-of-a-kind--wooden-ale-tankard-crafting-machine-thingy. And it will even feature a USB-port apparently.
  2. Well... you may have noticed that he only has one hind leg. He was only a puppy when it happened, so he probably doesn't remember being trampled, but he does remember horses... Just kidding, he just likes to sit in a realy lazy fashion.
  3. Ah yes the ears. They are curly and fluffy, and have an inbuilt stealth-function as it is nearly impossible to take a good picture of them.
  4. Name: Frisko Race: Flatcoated Retriever Class: Guardian of the Garden Best Known Skill: Imitating a statue whilst trying to hypnotise an unsuspecting doggy treat Favourite Magic Spell: Summon Puddly of drool around one's self. Famous for: Disguising himself as a Labrador before outing himself as a Flatcoated Retriever Most Ashamed of: the fact that his beard is turning grey at the age of 3 Untill this moment it is uncertain where Frisko's exact allegiance lies. Known to bark at everyone and everything that passes by in order to scare them off(unless yo
  5. It's our third playthrough, and it's the first time we fought a lvl 2 quarry (we wiped last time after the wife saw fit to draw the Plague settlement event... if you haven't encountered it, pray you never will). The lesson we learned early on: armour is important.
  6. A level 2. Quite a different fight then a level 1 (somehow more as you would expect such a critter to fight), and you drown in resources at the end.
  7. Now if only... if only... I could have a nice DMG Ale Tankard(TM) filled to the brim with some good Belgian beer to prove the point I'm making with the cutting board.
  8. My rolling tray arrived! It’s a bit wobly, but it just arrived after crossing the oceaan so maybe it still needs to settle a bit.
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